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Jan 27, 2014 11:53 AM

Rt 90/84 road trip to Poughkeepsie

So took the main highways to get to Poughkeepsie quickly. Scooted off at Sturbridge to get breakfast cuz I'd overshot the Yankee Diner in Charlton by mistake. We looked at Yelp and found Annie's Country Kitchen which served the purpose. Filled with kitschy stuff, nice clientele and workers. Sat at the counter and split a short stack of blueberry/almond pancakes and a spinach/mushroom/cheese omelette w/ excellent home fries and marbled rye. Pancakes were huge, almonds provided a nice crunch. Meals were about $4.50 and $6.95 each. We then made the stop at Dotties, thanks to Kattyeyes for the recommendation on donuts there. Went to the one in Woodbury cuz the Waterbury location, which was more convenient, doesn't appear to be open on Sat/Sun. They only had 3 flavors at about 1:30 on a Sat., plain, cinnamon and chocolate frosted. The plain was excellent with that crispy goodness from well fried donuts. Choc covered didn't have quite the same consistency but was very good. Worth a quick detour for sure. We spent some time in Poughkeepsie ( then the next day stopped at a Cracker Barrel on the Mass Pike in Charlton. I'd actually never been to one. I wasn't overly impressed but the menu is so big, some of it has to be better than the mundane side of mac n cheese and okay but kind of dry fried catfish and salad we got (for $6.95 I can't complain too much). Wasn't into the biscuit (maybe if there was sausage gravy on top of it) but the corn bread was excellent.

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  1. Is the trip over or are you still in Poughkeepsie?

    I don't see you saying anything about the CIA. They have a number of restaurants at the CIA in Hyde Park. If I were in the area I would certainly be taking advantage of that!

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      We just went for one nite for a show at the Chance Theater. So the Brasserie a short block away more than served the purpose. Hope to visit the area again when it's nice out.