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Jan 27, 2014 11:44 AM

Beware Quibids...

Just a word to the wise.

There's this new "auction" site on the ascendant called Quibids, seemingly with new ideas and low prices on a variety of new items, including cookware. The idea is somewhat intriguing: Bidders are charged $0.60 *per bid*, bids are only possible during the final 5 minutes of the "auction", and each bid extends the close of the auction by a short interval. Supposedly, even if you "lose", you can still buy the item (because they have a stock of each item) at a "discounted" price minus your original bid charges. You can also pre-program bids, sort of an in-house auction sniper feature.

You "join" by creating a profile and storing your credit card info. What they DON'T convey clearly is that there is an immediate $60 charge to your card, effectively pre-paying 100 bids!

Upon getting an email to the effect that I'd already been charged $60, I canceled and demanded my money back. They fought me until I threatened a Federal Trade Commission complaint, and then grudgingly issued me a refund.

Beware Quibids!


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  1. I looked into Quibids a while back and smelled a rat:

    Glad you got your money back.

    1. Scammy "penny auction" site.

      1. Thanks for the heads up.

        Are you still buying from the Goodwill auctions?

        1. Their ads have been around for awhile. Huge TVs for a few bucks, etc. Now way that is legit. Thanks for explaining how/who is making money. Just for rants, I hate ebay/paypal. Everytime, I select paypal, not bill me later. Then it switches me to bill me later. One can switch back, but they are so mean to do that. I hate them for that, and use ebay much less than I used to.