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Jan 27, 2014 09:48 AM

Substitute for Asbach Uralt?

I want to make Rüdesheimer kaffee ( this weekend, but it looks like the stores in my area (NYC) don't have Asbach Uralt in stock. Is there another cognac/brandy that would be suitable for this drink?

Would kirsch be good? I've been looking for a reason to buy some kirsch...

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  1. Kirsch is a cherry eau de vie / unaged cherry brandy. Asbach Uralt is an aged grape brandy. they aren't really interchangeable. You should be able to use and decent brandy, preferably a cognac, to sub for Asbach Uralt.

    Renaissance Fine Wines & Spirits seems to have it in stock.
    161 Freedom Pl, New York, NY 10069
    (212) 875-9463

    1. Yes, any brandy (including cognac) will work fine.

      I was given a bottle of Asbach Uralt, and I recall it being a young-tasting fiery aged brandy.

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        I always bring a bottle back for my mother every time I visit Germany [and she describes it similarly].

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          . . . and I dislike it for that very reason.