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Jan 27, 2014 09:18 AM

ramen in midtown east

hi, I am going to be in the city tomorrow and am interested in finding a good ramen noodle shop for lunch..midtown east would be best as i am going through grand central. thanks

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      worth mentioning that Menku Tei has closed, but their ramen is still available next door. I forget the name of the place. Glaze Teriyaki is now in the Menku Tei space.

      Menchanko has also closed, but their ramen is available upstairs at Katsuhama on 55th bet. 5th & 6th. There's now a Natureworks in the Menchanko space.

      1. re: coasts

        If you'd consider udon soup with hand pulled noodles, onya is very good and about five minutes from gct

        1. re: vinouspleasure

          I don't think it's exactly hand pulled noodle..nevertheless, they have good selection of fried vegetables, meat and seafood. I don't personally recommend this place for's over priced and not so good imo.

          Hide Chan and maybe the new HinoMaru ramen may be what you are looking for but it is a bit of walk. I'd recommend going to Soba Totto(near GC) and order a nice lunch special that comes with hot soba.

          1. re: Monica

            yes, perhaps house made noodles would be more accurate. Everyone I've taken here has liked the udon soup, certainly popular with Asians, and for $8-$9 including a healthy serving of beef, hard to fathom how it's overpriced.

            what places do you like more?

            1. re: vinouspleasure

              for about the same amount, I can get a nice bowl of rich ramen noodle soup made with excellent broth or other asian noodle soup(like pho). Onya's broth always taste nothing more than instant soysauce powder soup base that you get with dry noodle in a package. Again, this is my personal opinion...i always wonder why Onya is so popular.
              Or if I can get to Soba totto early, i can get a nice bara chirashi set for $10 that comes with soba noodle on the side and side appetizers. that's a bargain.

    2. Hide Chan, east 52d street, between Third and Second.

      If you want closer to Grand Central then Menchanko-tei, on east 45th, off of Lexington. If you are willing to walk to 52d it is worth the walk.
      Good luck.