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Jan 27, 2014 09:07 AM

Puerto Vallarta Restaurants

2couples (65+) will be in PV for 2 weeks in Feb. We were there several years ago. Any really good restaurants that you would suggest?

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  1. Definitely check out Joe Jack's Fish Shack and some of the other spots on Basilio Badillo. Casa Isabel right up the hill has an incredible view and is very tasty as well.

    1. Personal preferences haven't changed a lot. In PV La Palapa. La Cigale, Hacienda San Angel, Cuetos, Bianca Blue, La Vaca Argentina.
      In Nuevo Vallarta Porto Bello, Prime 159, Ginger Garden Lounge.
      In Bucerias Mezzogiorno.
      These are places I don't hesitate to recommend but there are literally a hundred other places that fit every taste and buget.

      1. El Arryan has amazing authentic Mexican food from all the varied provinces of Mexico. La Leche for upscale Mexican. Cueto's and Rio Grande(especially the sarandeado) for great seafood. Tacon de Marlin for lunch has wonderful burritos(nothing like tex-mex).

        1. La Dolce Vita on the Malecon is a great Italian spot - fantastic pizza. Try to get a balcony seat.

          1. Run don't walk to El Arrayan, graciously serving authentic Mexican CUISINE ! Tradition meets creativity. Go early on in your holiday because you'll want to go back and try it a second night. Thoughtful , nuanced flavors elevate Mexican traditions. Must have the Duck Carnitas ; as great as any Duck I've had in Paris, Shrimp with peanut mole, Jamaican Quesadillas....for dessert..Meringue with Figs ,dried fruit w.home made vanilla ice cream. Basil grapefruit Mojito and a Hibiscus ,Rosemary Mezcal drink that is phenominal! We ate there twice , everyone was thrilled and we can't wait to go back on our next trip.