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Thai Chiles?

I'm having a hard time finding thai chiles lately. Anyone know where I might find them? A few months ago I found a bag of red thai chiles at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods (at least I think that's where I got them). They were great and that would be my ideal to buy again. Fresh Pond had green ones last week, but they were pretty mucky looking. Thanks!

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    1. re: rebeccact

      Wait, where? I was just at Russo's a few weeks ago and didn't see them there. I ended up buying finger chiles instead in large part because they were so lovely, but they're not hot at all.

      Thanks to everyone for the tips! I guess I should've mentioned that I don't have a car, so places on the T are best. Still, nice to know all possibilities for the rare times that I do have access to a car...

      1. re: maillard

        Sorry haven't been in a couple weeks-- always see them there but possible that they haven't had them recently. Hope you have better luck with others' tips!

        1. re: maillard

          Russo's almost always has Thai Chiles in the main chile area near the cheese counter, next to the eggplant, but usually they only have the green ones. Sometimes you get lucky and they have the red ones, but there's no rhyme or reason to when. I'd call first if you are specifically looking for the red ones.

          1. re: VintageMolly

            Russo's definitely had them today. They are with all the other hot chiles, sort of near the mushrooms and the cheese counter. The finger peppers were on one of the larger counters with the other peppers.

            They had both red and green on separate trays.

            1. re: VintageMolly

              If time is not of the essence, you can store green Thai chilis and after a while they turn red. Really.

          1. Saw them in the Market Basket in Lowell two days ago. Maybe in other MBs?

            1. I've seen them at both Super 88 and H-Mart recently!

              1. i saw them at market basket in westford last week

                1. I bought a package of the little red ones at the Somerville Market Basket last week.

                  1. The BJ's in Quincy carries them, as do all of the Chinese and Vietnamese markets. If you have an asian market near you, they will probably have it.

                    1. any asian market should have them

                      1. I just saw these in small plastic bags at the grocery attached to the Dosa Factory in Central Square, Cambridge

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                          Oh, fantastic! I will check that out, it's very convenient to me.

                        2. m, do they not freeze well like other chiles?

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                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                            Hmmm, hadn't actually even thought of that. I usually just make chopped salted chiles (aka Universal Condiment) when I have an overabundance of chiles, but maybe I should try freezing some next time I find some good red thai chiles. Thanks.

                            1. re: maillard

                              I always have some in the freezer. I grow a bunch in the summer and use them frozen until the next harvest

                              1. re: jgg13

                                I do the same with packets from the Hmong farmers at late summer farmers markets. Also with jalapenos from selected vendors. Reliable spicy freshness. Of course you need freezer space.

                                1. re: maillard

                                  I usually use my salted chilies in a recipe that calls for fresh red chilies (when I don't have any handy). It works well and sometimes better then fresh.

                              2. The Somerville and Burlington Market Baskets always have these! My problem is, I only ever need one or two, and they come in packages of approximately a billion. Oh well!

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                                1. re: misseri

                                  Good to know. I've been meaning to check out Market Basket anyway.

                                  We should get together, since I'm looking for approximately 999,999,999 thai chiles. :)

                                  1. re: misseri

                                    misseri, Russo's has them in bulk so you can take whatever you need.