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Jan 27, 2014 07:11 AM

Anybody on this board seen or done a WHOLE SWORD FISH over fire?

I need some advice and help. I'm planning on this in May. Any ideas are welcome. I have a great grill already. We do cows on it.

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  1. I saw something about this on a website a year or so ago. Don't have a clue where.

    1. The largest fish I have observed cooked whole was a 3-1/2 ft. redfish in Cozumel, covered with slices of limes, tomatoes, onions, and chilies, lots of achiote, then wrapped in multiple layers of banana leaves. It cooked in a pit of wood coals for some hours, with a combination of heat, steam, and smoke.
      It is difficult to imagine cooking a fish twice that length and 4x the girth over fire, without burning half while the other half is raw. It will require a creative solution to be edible. One option may be to display the whole fish on a long cutting board, then carve and grill swordfish steaks over a span of a few hours.

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          JB is without equal for large critter roasting. The best.

      1. I know that it is done in Florida but the Mods won't let me post on that board.

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            The post was originally posted to the Florida board, but moved to this board by the mods.

        1. The largest piece of swordfish l cooked was a center slice l purchased and cooked in Martha's Vineyard. It was served to 16 guests and weighed @ 5-6 pounds. About 3 inches thick and 18-20 inches wide, barely fit in the largest pan. l butter poached it and it was PERFECT.
          Reason l mentioned this is that swordfish when overcooked gets very tough and very unpleasant and if attempting a whole fish on a grill, just see that as the ultimate result.

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            Do you think injecting flavor would work? Ideas?

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              When I grill swordfish I baste it with 50-50 lemon juice and melted butter, with dill and coarse black pepper. Swordfish has it's own delicious flavor, I wouldn't inject anything additional.

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                This kind of what I was thinking.

          2. You didn't say what size fish, or where it's coming from.

            Planning to catch one yourself? Buy one off a long range boat?

            Your plan doesn't sound serious. Stick to cows.

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              "Your plan doesn't sound serious."
              - I used to think along the same lines when I first read JB. I will never underestimate him again.

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                It wouldn't be prudent to NOT think he is serious.

                Pay no attention to the double neg.