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Jan 27, 2014 07:02 AM

Celebrating tenure in Boston: best restaurants in town?

I am looking for the best restaurants that would accommodate 9 people on a Saturday evening. I like the unusual flavors that Oleana offers but they don't take reservation for such a large group on Saturday.

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  1. I can't address reservations but my recs are: Ribelle, Sycamore, and Rendezvous. All are chef/owner places w/ top food. Rib. and Syc. are loud and happenin' ; Rendezvous is casually elegant and quiet. There are detailed CH threads on all of them

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Let me add ICOB or ASTA or Craigie on Main.

      I like the food at Ribelle but find the noise a problem. I like to go very early or very late.

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          I am late to the party, but have you considered Hungry Mother? And congratulations!

          1. re: vavacanneberge

            Best wishes! I just made mine a few months ago after 12 year climb! ;)

          1. re: Madrid

            Thank you. I was looking at Sarma. I am glad you recommend it. I'll try to make a reservation. So far it is impossible to find a place for 9.

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              Do you mean impossible or just impossible via Open Table? Many restaurants limit the amount of people for online reservations, but can handle them if you call directly.

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                If you can get a res, I had a group of 10 at Eastern Standard Kitchen last Saturday. Loud, energetic, celebratory vibe.

            2. If your group is flexible, day-wise, you may have an easier time for Sunday, as Super Bowl Sunday can be a blessing for getting into otherwise hard-to-get restaurants. (Thus writes someone who'd rather have root canal than watch the Super Bowl.)

              1. Thank you all for your advice. I didn't find anything available, but got tenure!

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                    Congratulations. We had great luck calling Deuxave directly when we needed to arrange a birthday dinner for 10. They were very accommodating and we had a fine meal. But I bet even a hot dog will feel celebratory when you can enjoy such a grand achievement.

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                        Congratulations! thanks for letting us know. I hope you did find some way to suitably celebrate.

                        1. re: Madrid

                          Thank you! My sister-in-law was very happy to cook a fabulous meal. The celebration took place in their home in Medford.

                          1. re: vavacanneberge

                            I did finish my PhD but did not go in to academia as a teacher, so I was spared this whole ordeal. I do remember after I finally finished, I sat outdoors in Palo Alto and read a novel a day for a few days. Got a bunch of great cheese, bread, wine, and olives. If I got tenure, I' would have blown a lot of $$$$ at formaggio and also gone to Oleana with a group and get every meze on the menu. Now you are home free! I hope you enjoy this very special time.