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Jan 27, 2014 06:50 AM

A good pot of soup with store-bought stock?

Ever since I discovered the wonders of homemade stock, I make a giant batch every week or other week and have been enjoying it daily with quick soups. I'm just wondering because I don't have much experience with soup other than with homemade stock, does anyone make a good pot of soup with store-bought stock? Any favorite brands? My go to favorites are Kitchen Basics unsalted chicken and Trader Joe's low sodium organic chicken broth.

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  1. As it happens, I just made a giant (and I mean giant!) batch of chicken stock yesterday. What are your favorite quick soups?

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      Other than chicken noodle which I love, my recent favorites are bean and leafy green soups. This weekend I enjoyed a bacon, kale, lentil and Italian turkey sausage soup on Saturday and a Swiss chard, cannellini bean, kielbasa soup yesterday.

      I also sometimes just drink a mug of stock I love it that much.

    2. I swear by Imagine No-Chicken Chicken Broth.

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        This is my favorite type. I am also liking organic Better than bullion vegetable flavor lately.

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          +1 to the organic veg better than bullion

      2. I make stock whenever I can (just made a batch with the carcasses from the halal cart chicken, in fact), but also always have boxes of store-bought broth in the pantry. I like Kitchen Basics, but have been buying the organic brand from Costco ("Home Goodness") lately.

        I use the boxed broth for making split pea with ham soup, since the flavor of homemade stock would get a bit lost with the ham bone simmering in it for so long.

        I also use it as a base for pretty much any roasted veggie soup if I don't have homemade handy: roast veggie of choice, usually along with some garlic and/or onions, plop in Vitamix, add broth, blend.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          I use the Costco organic stock too for soups. I make more soups than I do stock so I'm always in a deficit situation.

        2. For regular stock that is not low-sodium, I like the Kitchen Basics original, but it is highly seasoned with herbs and spices.

          For low sodium, totally agree with the Kitchen Basics (again) unsalted and (whispers) Better Than Bouillon reduced sodium. The latter is so affordable, and you can dial the flavor up or down by added more or less water. I think I got 9-10qts out of my last little jar (which was $4.50).

          1. I am a Swanson's buyer . . . low-salt version.

            But I have to say, if I know I'm making soup . . .I also buy a rotisserie chicken from the store - strip the meat off - and boil the carcass in the store bought stock for maybe just 20-30 minutes while I'm chopping up everything else.

            It makes a huge difference in taste and doesn't really take any more time than when I just am making soup from home-made stock.