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Jan 27, 2014 06:20 AM

Have I just never noticed the discussion before...or does Tremont 647 have Boston's best burger these days?

After leaving the Cyclorama earlier then anticipated Saturday night, and being without reservations (we had assumed we would be done by 10, so getting a table should have been doable...) my dc and I wandered around looking for at least some bar seating. 8pm on a Saturday without reservations can be tough. So long story short, we ended up at Tremont's bar. I tend to prefer the smaller griddled style burger. But this one was awesome. Better then Kirkland Tap for sure. Simple 8 oz. optional cheddar and bacon. perfect mid rare. The wood grill added great smokiness. The bun was just right. I haven't seen much talk about this burger, but it has to be added to the discussion. Crispy fries, basic Russian dressing, nice pickles. Just a dynamite burger on a chilly night (with some Spencer Trappist ale, which is worth the $ after all).

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  1. I'll ditto this. I ended up at Tremont 647 for brunch craving a burger and really, really enjoyed mine. I too generally prefer the smaller, griddled variety but this one was delicious.

    1. We just tried this burger last night and agree it was good. Great fried squid with thai salad too though not enough squid. And house salad was fabulous - arugula with queso fresco, pickled blackberries and candied sunflower seeds.

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        While it would be a stretch to call them underrated, I think you can make a case that Tremont 647 is under-appreciated. The food is always on point, decent service, fun menu etc.. Just a solid place all around. I know newer spots have stolen the spotlight, but we should all be happy to have this around as an occasional night out.