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Jan 27, 2014 03:49 AM

Cupcakes in the burbs?

Not in the mood to make cupcakes this weekend so I'm wondering where I can get some GOOD fresh cupcakes in the suburbs (Northeast/Bucks).

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  1. I recall a great little French pastry shop in a small strip mall on 532 between Holland and Newtown but I don't recall the name. May not be there anymore as this was 20 years ago. But,ohhh, did they make great stuff!

    1. Cmad .. you might try crosskeys bakery in doylestown. They also sell at the Stockton Farmers Market.

      Also, what if any has your experience been with Eat Cake in Frenchtown? I know they are only open Thursday-Sun. They have a facebook page with a listing of items, including cupcakes.

      1. Alice in North Wales if it is not too far for you to drive, or maybe Baked on Main in souderton. I haven't been to Baked yet. Can't seem to find it, but people rave about it. There was a place in Doylestown too. It was called Let Them Eat Cake but now it is called something else. Same location though.

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            I am not sure if it is still there in Doylestown.

            Just north of town in Pipersville is the Lucky Cupcake Company. Full disclosure never have been.

          2. Royersford may be a trek but Iced by Betsy is awesome!

            1. I'm going to put in anothe rec for Alice in North Wales, they have some of the best baked good ever
              (while you're getting cup cakes, get a sea salt roll, or an aged gouda boule...neither will make it home)