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Ideas for a tasty hot dish using leftover chicken?

Hi there - I cooked a large chicken for Sunday Lunch yesterday, it was supposed to be for 5 people, but change of plans meant I ended up only feeding 2! So I now have basically half a roast chicken in the fridge.... I'm thinkin' some kind of curry or spicy Asian dish, but I'm open to other suggestions too! Preferably not soup or salad though, as those are my defaults for leftover chicken and I fancy a change this time! Any ideas? :-)

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  1. Chicken enchiladas, lemon fettuccini Alfredo (with broccoli), chicken chili

    1. Someone else posted this recently, can't remember who, but I was glad they did.
      There is both a curry and an asian dish among others.


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      1. Tetrazzini
        Chicken tacos

          1. Hi - thank you all so much for the replies! I'm afraid I'm not very confident with enchiladas or tacos (maybe something to do with being a Brit, it can be hard over here to find good-quality ingredients for Mexican food!!) but have looked at a couple of lemon fettuccini Alfredo recipes and Tettrazini recipes, they definitely look like hot contenders!
            Chicken Pot Pies are another thing that don't come naturally to us in the UK - if anyone can point me in the direction of an idiot-proof recipe for one, I'd love to try adding that to my repertoire.
            And thank you Bryan Pepperseed for the link to the cheaphealthygood blog, those ideas for leftover chicken are really very awesome, everyone should have a copy of that blog in their favorites I reckon!

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              Ina's chicken pot pie is a winner. I divide the filling and dough in thirds, bake off 1 pie in an 8" square pan and freeze the rest for 2 other meals.

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                I thought 'pot pies' were a common British 'pub lunch'.

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                  Hmmmm.... I do know exactly what you mean, Puffin... pies are in many ways a quintessentially British institution, but I think the most common/traditional type is the kind that's completely enclosed by the pastry, top and bottom, rather than the pot pie that has a disc of pastry sitting on top of a deep dish of filling. I personally don't know anyone who cooks pot pies at home ... you do see them on the menu in UK pubs, particularly 'gastro pub' type places, but it's a fairly recent thing in my (admittedly somewhat limited) experience of pub grub, eg, my local pub started doing them about 4 years ago... I've not been impressed, it just seems to me like they've never quite got the hang of it! Soggy pastry and thin, insipid sauce in the filling... which is why I was interested to get an American take on it, as it sounds like a great idea in theory and it's something I get the impression (perhaps erroneously?) is more of a 'staple' in US cooking and a dish that home cooks across the pond are just generally better at ;-)

                  Also thanks MrsJonesey for the link to Ina's pot pie, I'll give that a try!

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                    I recommended it because I made one last week...in London!

                    I didn't use a recipe, so if you haven't made one before then definitely reference someone like Ina Garten.

                    My version is to saute carrots, celery, onion and garlic, add chopped cooked chicken, a white sauce made with half milk and half stock, let cool to room temp, add some frozen peas,finely sliced mushrooms and chopped flat leaf parsley. Top with puff pastry, egg wash, bake.

                    I'm sorry - with stuff like this I'm really bad at measurements, so I wouldn't want to steer you wrong.

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                      Awwww, thanks for that - the photos are really helpful (I never QUITE trust the ones in food mags/websites etc, as having been present on many a photoshoot, I know how much primping/tweaking goes on!!). Your pie looks fabulous and gives me hope that I might be able to produce something similar using the Ina Garten recipe as a starting point :-)

                      This little thread seems to be turning into a Chicken Pot Pie thread, but I will definitely be investigating the other ideas provided as well! Thank you to the Chowhound community!

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                      Just to show you that Brits DO make pot pies, this is the recipe that I usually use. It's from Nigella Lawson's Express cookbook. It's a Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon pie. She uses raw chicken thighs, but I've also made it with leftover supermarket rotisserie chicken and it's still delicious.


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                  "Chicken Pot Pies are another thing that don't come naturally to us in the UK - if anyone can point me in the direction of an idiot-proof recipe for one, I'd love to try adding that to my repertoire."

                  Weird, since I think meat pies are one of the high points of traditional British cuisine! It's basically a meat and vegetable pie, usually with a gravy or bechamel, often cooked in a pastry shell, but there are a lot of variants: sometimes they're made with no shell, but with top made of biscuit (the quick bread) or similar dough: the one I made today had a top of leftover puff pastry. It's sort of the American equivalent of hearty peasant food.

                3. Another one for you, which is quicker and gets you away from pie - red curry lettuce wraps. Chop/shred leftover chicken, add coconut milk and red curry paste and heat through. Serve on steamed vermicelli noodles (super fast if you get pre-cooked from the supermarket heat up) and lettuce leaves, garnish with coriander, spring onions, lime and chopped nuts.

                  1. Khao soi noodles are a spicy Asian option that does not require many ingredients. A quick version involves sauteeing chopped shallots and garlic in hot oil until fragrant. Add a couple tablespoons of Thai red curry paste and another couple tablespoons of Madras curry powder and continue to stir fry. You'll need a can of coconut milk now. You can fry a bit of the coconut cream from the top with your aromatics before adding in the rest of the liquid. Then add your chicken and stock and cook until the sauce is thickened to your liking. Season with fish sauce and sugar to taste and serve atop egg noodles with lime wedges and cilantro.

                    1. Chicken fried rice could be an option.

                      1. Chicken Tettrazini

                        I also sautee some vegetables with some garlic and add the cubed chicken and some Trader Joe Thai Red Curry Sauce and serve with rice.

                        1. Here is a good old fashioned comfort food recipe from the US Southwest:


                          1. Tonight's leftover chicken dish was a pot pie, with lots of veggies. Other popular leftover dishes chez Tardigrade include chicken tacos, chicken quesadillas, chicken crepes (mix diced chicken with mushrooms and a white sauce), curried chicken over rice (or potatoes, or pasta), strips of chicken breast layered with sauteed onion and pepper strips and heated, chicken salad, chicken casseroles (like tuna casserole but with a bird instead), chicken enchiladas, chicken Caesar salad if there's a lot of leftover chicken breast, chicken curries (both Indian and Thai inspired), chicken hash, ...

                            1. Pick off the chicken and shred it up and make enchiladas (with salsa verde is my favorite, and I freeze a few quarts of it for just that purpose every summer, but go with whatever flavor profile most appeals to you). Then make stock with the carcass.

                              1. My favorite way - udon noodles with sauteed veggies and the leftover chicken in a spicy peanut sauce.

                                White bean and Chicken Chili.

                                Chicken Tetrazzini.