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Jan 27, 2014 02:56 AM

Poc fusion buffet Hackensack

Anyone tried yet??

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  1. I was at the Home Depot last Thursday, so I gave it a try for lunch. My first observation is the place is very nice and comfortable...sleek and attractive. The food is displayed well and there were some winner and losers. in selections offered. In my opinion, after all the fanfare and anticipation on opening, it was a little underwhelming in what was offered and how it was presented. I say this as I thought the ownership was a seasoned operator of these style of restaurant and would have been better at attention to details....however, in their defense, the weather was not very good out that day, the place was not very busy and I was there late into service @ 2:30...and they close down at 3:00-3:30 to prepare for dinner service. They were very thoughtful though to announce last call for the buffet and overall the staff was very efficient and pleasant.

    The good is they had some quality steak, Prime Rib, Baby Back Ribs, Baked Flounder, Baked Cod, Peel & Eat Shrimp and Crabs for lunch service. The Sushi was presented well and the fish slices were actually thick like in a regular Sushi restaurant, not paper thin.. Surprisingly, the Lobster Bisque was actually pretty tasty too. They have scoop ice cream and some good desserts available which were not merely defrosted, but actually made on premise.

    The misses were the fried foods and filler used to make things like Seaweed Salad, which had plenty of rice noodles in it. i did not try the sandwiches or the Pasta Station.

    Overall, for 13.69 Lunch...the positives outweigh the negatives. A soda and a tip puts you in the 20-22 range....which is calculated for you on the printed check as suggestions by percentage as a courtesy, which I find is acceptable myself. i would certainly return for a quick lunch again....and I will certainly give the dinner service a try as well...if for nothing else, research.

    They are also dong a promotion in which they give you a Scratch Off Game Card which is to be used on your NEXT visit and played IN FRONT OF your server. The promotion runs through June and there is a one out of three chance to win electronic devices and televisions....ramping up to a Grand Prize for a Fiat Car.

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      Thx for the feedback, sounds pretty good

      I think I will try lunch this week

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        I went for dinner last night, and I generally have the same impression as you, fourunder. There were some flaws, but, overall the positives outweighed the negatives and I would return.

        The place is very nice inside. It seems quite a bit smaller to me than the rodizio was, but I imagine the back area is larger now. The furniture is nice and contemporary, and the place is fairly bright inside.

        Onto the food - there were hits and misses. Sushi was good and there was a decent sashimi section, but Minado has nothing to worry about. I thought the steak was so-so; I found it a bit tough. I got some chicken fettuccine alfredo at the pasta station, and it was good, although they went heavy on the garlic when I told them add "a little bit". The hot dishes ranged from meh (the seafood medley was overlooked) to good (the parmesan chicken). The lobster bisque was excellent, and (don't laugh) they had some very good potato skins.

        They do have to work on keeping some of the hot foods hotter. While nothing was really cold, some foods were really near the breaking point.

        Desserts were excellent(crème brûlée, chocolate mousse) with one notable exception - I'm sure that they picked up the rodizio's horrible soft-serve ice cream machine and "recipe" in the fire sale - it looks exactly the same, and it makes the same terrible watery "ice cream" that the rodizio had. Stick with the hard ice creams they offer instead.

        The staff and management were excellent. They knew what they were doing (I'm sure they brought up a bunch from their Florida restaurants) and were all attentive and friendly. I think that they'll do what they can to make this place a success.

        So, while I loved Greenfield's/Green Grill (despite the many ups and downs they had over the years) and would still take them over this new place, this new place is decent and will hopefully get better. The food selection is reminiscent of the Wayne Chateau Buffet, which was very good but lasted only about six months. They're worth checking out.

      2. Thanks for the reviews/comments everyone.

        I tend to avoid AYCE places, but that's just me -- vis a vis the quality of food, freshness, turnover, salt, etc. I do know there's "a couple" of "good" places out there, Minado being one.

        So, that said, maybe I'll give this place a shot being that it's right around the corner from my office.

        Thanks again.

        1. i went saturday night around 7pm. seated immediately. service was ok. some dirty dishes were cleared immediately and other sat on the table for a while. when i go to these types of ayce buffets, i tend to steer clear of the cooked foods. and there are a ton of choices. but i go for the seafood. i started out with a dozen oysters and clams, a dungeness crab and some crab legs. oysters were pretty tasteless, clams were good, crab legs were ok, and the crab was precracked. it takes a while to eat a crab but they are my favorite, especially the claws. lemon, tabasco and cocktail sauce were there as were shell crackers. they also had a ton of peeled shrimp that were pretty good. and every thing seemed fresh. there is a guy shucking clams and oysters. sashimi was ok, not a great variety of choices, pretty generic, but acceptable. i don't expect uni at these places and the mackeral, salmon, white tuna and snapper were good. sushi was disappointing as most rolls had too much "stuff" in them. cream cheese and such. but they had seaweed salad which i liked. they also had carpaccio which was tasty but impossible to get of the tray. mozzarella, not the greatest, and tomato and basil and also mozz balls. also a few other salads. a few cheeses and salumi. all good. i also hit the carving station and that was terrific. good prime rib, i like it rare and they had all temperatures available. the skirt steak was excellent and the sausage was good too. nothing was dried out. i didn't eat the fries, mashed or other thing servrd near it. finally dessert. i thought they were all terrible. the only thing i liked were the doughnuts. the soft serve was a joke but they also have hard ice cream and the green tea was ok. also fresh fruit, pineapple, melon, strawberries. all good, especially in a bath under the chocolate fountain. lines were minimal and moved well. so all in all, well worth the cost. i won't be running back soon but i think it's good if you know what you want.