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Jan 26, 2014 06:26 PM

Your favorite cornish hen recipes?

Any good ideas for cornish hen?

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  1. Couldn't you use any chicken recipe, and just reduce the cooking time?

    1. They're essentially little chickens so think about what turns your crank with a larger bird.

      That said, I deboned some last year with the glove method and stuffed them with a savory glutinous rice mix similar to what you'd get with lo mai gai (糯米鸡), though with more seafood and shiitake mushrooms and the hen providing the chicken component.

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        My favorite roast chicken is Zuni or Keller which are both the definition of pretty simple. I'd like to do more with a cornish hen.

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          I see that a lot of ideas have been put out there already.

          I'll suggest three, though you'll have to work at proportions because you're using a smaller bird: drunken chicken, Hainan chicken rice, 3 cup chicken.

          If you don't want to do Chinese, there's always making a tiny galantine with one.

      2. I like 'em best deep-fried, whole:


        Dinner in about six minutes.

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          Fried Cornish hen is delicious...

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            Rub them down, inject them, and fry em up!!

        2. Hi temp roasted with Moroccan spice rub & couscous.

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            How high, rjbh20? I usually roast chicken at 450-475F.

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              I think i did these on the grill with hot indirect heat and a quick flip to brown the top. 450 should do it, particularly if you have a convection oven to help the skin get crispy.
              These are small little buggers and don't take long to get done.

              edti: just remembered that my spice rub had some honey & lemon in it, so be careful it doesn't burn. Which it will in a heartbeat once the water evaporates.

          2. I just roast them like chickens, or spatchcock them for the grill.