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Jan 26, 2014 05:58 PM

One Sunday night in March

I am a New Yorker now living in Dallas. I will be in manhattan with my wife and two girls (11 and 16) at the end of March for one Sunday evening and a breakfast Monday morning. This will be their first time in Manhattan. We are staying in Times Square and trying to figure out our options. Here are my thoughts so far: Starting with Monday morning I am thinking of Carnegie deli for brunch just to give them the experience. Moving back to Sunday, we are going to try and catch a half priced Broadway show if we get lucky but either way looking to have a nice dinner with plenty of foods we don't get her in Dallas. As we all like sushi and Japanese overall, I had been hoping to take to a restaurant called Serina, I had been to many years ago but I have heard it closed down. Is there anything similar? It was such a fun place to eat at, and the girls would have loved the decor. Never been to Japan but I assume that was a close facsimile. If not Japanese, we love Chinese food and I miss the New York wonton soup and eggrolls. Anyplace special where we can get the full Peking duck? Something similar? I am hoping to bring them to a place they will remember years from now in case we don't get back that quickly. I was thinking ferrari's bakery in little Italy for dessert if we are in that area. I don't want to go so far as to say price is no issue, especially in NY. But we are willing to splurge a little. Also, what is the nearest pizza by the slice in walking distance from Times Square so they can taste authentic NY pizza? I figure they have to try a slice of pizza, a bagel and a pretzel. Worth trying to take them for a Mickey Mouse at the bar at the Plaza? I appreciate your ideas and know my time is very limited. I was at a first thinking someplace very famous like Russian Tea Room or similar but not sure if that makes sense for us in so little time.
Thanks for any suggestions,


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  1. Your trip is very brief :)

    For Peking duck, no restaurant better than Hakkasan, 44th street and 8th avenue. It's a very beautiful restaurant and will be memorable.

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      If you are interested in Hakkasan, make sure you are familiar with their prices before you go.

    2. Carnegie doesn't serve brunch, but you can get omelettes, blintzes and things like that any time of day. (I happen to really like their blintzes) They're a little pricier (ok a lot pricier) than what you might expect to pay at a diner, but the portions are generous. It's more crowded and touristy than it used to be, but it should be fun for the kids. Menu link:

      There are several $1 slice places for a quick slice of pizza, most of which is pretty good for the price. Here is a link to Midtown Lunch so you can find one close to where you'll be:

      If you plan to go downtown to Ferrara's I'd recommend Rocco's on Bleecker St instead. The cakes and pastry are better quality and it's not as touristy. The walk on Bleecker is (IMO) nicer than the walk through Little Italy if you only have a day in the city. It's also much easier to get there by train from Times Square than it is to get to Little Italy.

      Would you mind telling me what is a "Mickey Mouse" at the Plaza?

      1. I am not familiar with Serina, but if you are looking for excellent Japanese near Times Sq. in an authentic Japanese atmosphere, look no further than Sushi Zen, on W. 44th just west of 6th Ave.

        1. I would suggest you pick up bagel sandwiches at the pick-a-bagel on 8th ave monday for your plane ride/train/etc.... IMO the best bagel close to times sq:

          I love to take visitors to the lobby bar of the mandarin oriental at time warner center for a drink at sunset, the view of the city and park is amazing. Its a posh, elegant space and i am sure they would make a lovely mocktail for your daughters. Not cheap, but neither is the plaza