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Jan 26, 2014 02:30 PM

The Ultimate Food and Musicals Quiz

From the Amateur Gourmet blog:

Thought some of you might enjoy this. (I am not a fan of musicals, so am merely passing it along...) Good luck!

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  1. You have to be some musical fanatic to get a passing grade on that quiz!

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    1. re: ttoommyy

      I agree - I barely passed that one, but got 70% on the Gold quiz

      1. re: 512window

        I only got a 60% on the Gold quiz. So much all gays being big theater queens! lol

    2. I got a 70! My two great loves - food and broadway together at last.

      90 on the Gold quiz - granted I've been in one of those musicals, and performed songs from a couple others. Sadly I got the Grease question wrong, which any other lady my age should know by heart.

      1. I got 60% on the Amateur Gourmet quiz. I changed my answer on two of them before submitting, which would have just barely given me a passing grade.

        For the Gold quiz, I only got 40%.

        1. 80% on the Gold quiz. I've never seen Gigi or She Loves Me, but I took a shot (and missed).

          1. 47%

            I only knew five of them. The other nine I got right were just educated guesses.

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