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Jan 26, 2014 01:12 PM

Unique Sweets

Does anyone else love this show? Aside from the cutesy remarks contest that the guest "describers" are staging, the showcased bakeries are exceptionally inspiring! Wow, that chocolate-almond croissant stack today was AMAZING!

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  1. I do as well as Unique Eats and both shows have led my dh and I to many wonderful new places to try. He has a sweet tooth and I like more savory foods but the show (both shows actually) do a wonderful job of identifying some really interesting food people and their products.

    The hosts know how to sell deliciousness in a few words (edited) and a few bites (I wonder how much food they actually consume during taping?) but they each seem very familiar with the people, places and (tasty) things they review (script). Great close up camera work on that show!

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      I agree! Yes, Unique Eats is equally good. I saw a razor clam shell fabricated out of bread dough with squid ink mixed in. It was filled with clam bits and clam Chantilly cream and had other bits and pieces to complete the dish. So cool.

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        One of the US's finds while they were in Brooklyn was this parlor and we're still smitten with their flavors. This recipe from one of their shows dh adores:

        The menus reviewed through Unique's Small Bites and Innovators shows were my recent favs.

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          Added to Pepperplate! Thanks, it looks yum...

    2. I have a love hate relationship with the show. Most of the food looks great but the presentation by the "hosts" is often just too precious IMO.

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        Yes, exactly! IMO the food is worth it!

      2. Love this show! The one thin, blond annoys me a little, but the rest, especially the two girls with the booze show, are adorable.

        I'd like to be the set of hands that they show slowly breaking apart the squishy brownies and donuts! Where do they post those jobs?

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            One of the ways I entertain myself when watching tv (I know, that's supposed to be their job, right?) is to watch the person on camera who isn't talking. Time-Life commercials handle this terribly: two hosts, one talks for 30 seconds or so while the other one bobs their head or stares vacantly.

            Alie and Georgia, on the other hand, are young masters at supporting the speaker. Alie in particular has a wide palette of subtle expressions that don't distract from the speaker but accent what is being said. They're fun to watch, although they might be too enthusiastic for some tastes.

          2. I watched my first episode today (DVR'd from last night), the "Capital Cravings" episode. While I enjoyed seeing the treats and how they are made, I was totally annoyed by those doing the commentary. When showing the ganache-dipped cupcakes made at Cupcakes Actually, they said the ganache was made by melting milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips with "an emulsifier that helps the chocolate melt and stay shiny." The ingredient being added looked an awful lot like wax shavings to me (which wouldn't do a darn thing to help the chocolate melt OR stay shiny, AFAIK). I know some home crafters add wax to chocolate to avoid having to temper it, but I'm surprised to see a pastry chef using it. I understand it's difficult working with chocolate especially to coat something that has a lot of moisture in it (as the frozen peanut butter buttercream would), but CI published a recipe for a chocolate "Magic Shell" type ice cream topping that uses coconut oil to make the sauce harden when it hits the cold ice cream. Certainly THAT would taste a whole lot better than wax!

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              I grew up making dipped candies, and we've always used wax. The only difference between using it and not is textural, and it stays liquid longer for dippin before hardening better. Wax adds NO flavor to the chocolate, while coconut oil has a distinct coconut flavor and, as far as I can tell, wouldn't achieve the same results.

              1. re: Adylaid

                Whether the coconut oil adds flavor depends upon how much it has been refined.

                "Wax", or paraffin, is a petroleum product that really shouldn't be eaten.

            2. Great show, but I think I've seen every episode now and I've heard every one of them say unctuous!!! ugh. Also the older guy with the yellow teeth is not pleasant when you are watching a show about delicious food. :/