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Jan 26, 2014 10:59 AM

Food shopping in Fort Greene?

Hi, we are contemplating a move to this lovely area but where does one do food shopping? We are currently Fairway shoppers and have a car but would be without a motor vehicle in Fort Greene. Thank you.

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  1. Ft. Greene Park farmer's market on Saturdays,
    Provisions on Fulton for high quality bread, meat, cheese & specialty items,
    Pathmark in Atlantic Terminal for everyday grocery store items
    FreshDirect when they send free delivery codes
    easy bus ride down Atlantic to TJ's & Sahadi's

    also depends where in Ft. Greene you'd be. Green Hill co-op is slightly too far to make it worth our while to join, but is a real possibility.

    1. I'm living in Ft. Greene after 20 years in Prospect Heights. I love Ft. Greene. The food shopping is terrible. Not East New York terrible, but terrible.

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        Was considering a move there as well, but for this reason i ended up in Park Slope. Pathmark isn't really close to prime Ft. Greene or at least when it's cold/carrying bags.

      2. This was brooklyndude's response to my question a few years ago. There probably have been a few changes since then but maybe some of the information is still pertinent.

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          One thing I'd add to the response from several years ago is that Greene Grape Provisions just finished a big expansion a couple of months ago & they have a more complete selection of items than they used to, plus the aisles are not as crowded, so its a more pleasant experience than it used to be. I stop in there much more frequently these days. True, they can still be pricey, but for many items I prefer to pay more because I have never been disappointed in their quality and I can't think of many other places I can say that about.

          1. re: seb

            Yes, they are slightly bigger there but their selection has not changed much. This place is definitely not a place to do a "regular" weekly grocery shop at.