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Dinner in Greenville, SC

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Any suggestions for dinner in Greenville, SC? Open to anything but steak, mains for under $20 and I will be dining alone? In town for work and I don't want to hit the chains near my hotel off Pelham

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  1. This place sounds good:


    As does this one:


    Here's a general thread that may help:


    1. Downtown: Tupelo Honey, Chicora Alley, Lazy Goat, Sushi Koji (you'll have to eat light there...it's high but good)Neue Southern food truck (check facebook)

      Closer to you (if you meant Pelham near 85) : Pizza at the bar at Whole Foods, Bacon Brothers public house, Thai place on the corner of Pelham and hwy 14 (i can never remember the name)

      1. I also would consider Mekong on Wade Hampton and Saigon Fast Food on N. Pleasantburg for Pho/Vietnamese.

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          I love Saigon Fast Food!! The menu is huge. Great idea.

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            Oh those duck roles!

          2. BTW, the Thai place at 14 and Pelham that JB referred to is Sweet Basil, very good, as is Bangkok Thai on the other side of 85 further down Pelham.