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Jan 26, 2014 09:17 AM

5 day stay Boston family places to eat (2 adults children age 18 and 15 )

We will be visiting Boston in July , staying for 5 days at Loews Boston Hotel
We will then travel north towards Cape Cod and at some point in the holiday also visit Salem and Newport Rhode island
Can anyone please suggest places to eat ,preferred food
American, Italian,Chinese,Mexican

regards Brian

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  1. my kids, about the same age as yours, enjoy the paramount on charles, both the breakfast/lunch which is cafeteria style and the dinners after 5:00. A little something for everyone.
    not too much of a line during the week. busiest on the weekend.

    many restaurants on the water in the seaport district. we haven't eaten at many of them, would recommend Legal Seafoods and Remys for lunch. not 5 star food but both are fun and the area is worth a walk.

    1. Giaccomaos in the South End is a short stroll. We've been going for years.

      1. For a fun cheap, lunch, try Gallaria Umberto in the North End on Hanover St. Counter service Mon-Sat from 11:00 am until they run out of food (usually by 1-1:30pm). Cheese Pizza, 4 types of calzones, panini (a ham,salami, and cheese rolled up and baked inside a bread roll), arancini (rice balls filled with meat,sauce,peas, and cheese), panzaroti (herbed mashed potato log with melty mozzarella in the middle, deep-fried and crispy. You can order one of everything on the menu for under $30. Soda, water,beer, and wine. Cash only. Expect a line, especially on Saturday.

        1. you're coming at a time when walking should be pleasant so all of Chinatown is a go for you. Winsor Café for dimsum, Xian Xian for Vietnamese, Little Q and Best Little are all fun choices. Because your kids are teens and might like "cool" Myers and Chang is walkable and fun. If you are walking to Back Bay and the Commons, Parish Café and Upstairs at the Rattlesnake always work for my grandkids. We don't have much by way of great Mexican but Lola's might work and the Salty Pig is also a fun stop. Regina's Pizza and many North End stops will give you good to very good Italian and it's fun to walk through the North End and stop and munch. Breakfast might be at Brasserie Jo (a walk up Stuart to the Huntington side).

          1. Here is a link to a informative post from a good source (opinionatedchef) of information on this board, it covers many of the areas that visitors to Boston find themselves in when they decide they are hungry. There were other posts for visitors by opinionatedchef. The start of this post is a little old, but figure out what intrigues you and ask more questions.

            Hope it's warmer by then