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Two Loco Guys, Barre, VT

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We ate dinner at the newest restaurant in Barre. It's a fast food place called Two Loco Guys (http://twolocoguys.com/). They have burritos and bowls of various types. Nothing here is what you'd call "authentic" but it's certainly good!

I usually opt for a bowl instead of a burrito because the tortillas tend to swell in my stomach and it's uncomfortable. I got a beef Pad Thai bowl and my husband got a pork southern burrito.

Both were delicious and very filling. The steak was wonderfully cooked, and tender. The peanut sauce was delicious and next time I'll ask for more of it. The pad thai bowl was rice, steak, thai coleslaw (with cilantro in it), and peanut sauce. They have sriracha sauce out so I added a bit of heat to mine. I didn't even mind the cilantro. It was tasty.

The pork was also delicious and the chipotle aioli on it was wonderful. It would have been too spicy for me if I'd had the whole thing, but one bite I could handle.

I'm looking forward to eating here again in the future. The bowls and burritos were much larger than the place in Burlington on Church Street, so it was a better value, as well, though the concept was much the same.

They also have Heady Topper in cans, along with various other local brews in cans, if you like that sort of thing.

Barre is becoming a decent place to eat, which is really nice. There are several restaurants in town that are very good, and one that's even worth going out of your way to visit (Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen). It's nice to have a good fastfood option other than a gas station Burger King!

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  1. I don't live or visit in your area but just want to say that I think their menu is BRILLIANT!!!! What a great and clever idea. Talk about something for every taste. You're lucky indeed.

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      Well this restaurant isn't necessarily worth a trip for, but we've got plenty of places in the area that are! Come visit! ;)