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Jan 26, 2014 07:02 AM

ISO, Asian Supermarket in SW CT

Is there an Asian supermarket anywhere near Fairfield County CT? I’m talking one of those giant stores that has everything including live seafood in tanks. I went to one many years ago in NJ across the Hudson River from Manhattan. It was almost as large as my local Costco. I’m more interested in perishables than dry grocery because I have a decent local store for that.

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  1. Big Wall It is not that large, but occupies 2 floors of a store front on Whitney Ave in New Haven, they do have fish tanks. And a restaurant next door. Good Dim Sum, an authentic menu.
    Smaller but with nice produce you've got Million Dollar mart ( I think) it used to be called J Mart. Located near the old coliseum site on Orange St

    1. I remember that large asian mart in NJ, there was an asian department store in the same parking lot.

      Nothing really in S/W CT (a few asian and japanese marts in Norwalk and Greenwich). If you want a full blown asian market I suggest H-Mart which is in Hartsdale NY. It's like the costco of asian markets but very fresh and quite reasonably priced

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        Thanks, I'll check Hartsdale out the next time I'm going to the city.

      2. I said Big Wall in my reply, I meant Great Wall. Sorry

        1. I know OP said SW CT, but just for info sake, there's one in W. hartford...very well stocked.

          1. I think you are referring to Mitsuwa in Edgewater. Nothing like that in CT as far as I know. Jmart in New Haven carries a decent selection of produce. Not large but you can get stuff you won't find at stop & shop.