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Jan 25, 2014 11:33 PM

Wolvesmouth dinner 1-25-14

After a year of waiting to be invited, I finally got the email I or we have been all waiting for. LA's hardest reservation.

Tonight was a 9 course meal

course #1: ribeye cap, broccoli tempura, broccoli stalk slaw, piquillo, pink lady, broccoli cheddar puree

course #2: arctic cod, crab meat, candied lemon glee, carrot, parsley, turnip, persimmon

course #3: yellowtail tuna, ponzu-yuzu, shio creme fraiche, yuzu kosho wasabi pea crunch, snap pea, avocado

course #4: rabbit croquette, jicama remoulade, dried chewy pina johnny cake, jerk soulise, plantain

course #5: seared pork belly, lobster, yam green apple, green apple, squid ink pork lobster sabayon, sweet potato lather

course #6: celery root, roasted hazelnut, apple cabbage cider, cocoa coffee, brussels sprouts

course #7: fried quail, baby kale, creamed spinach puree, date, almond, haricot certs, cipollini

course #8: milk chocolate peanut butter pretzel crunch, mustard parfait, pretzel, whipped peanut cajeta, banana

course #9: mandarin orange, mandarin vanilla lime ice sorbet, raw green tea, yogurt steam cake, pistachio, kishu, yogurt lime rind

i can't say enough how great the meal was. Easily the best meal i've had. It was soulful, beautifully seasoned, artfully, wonderful meal.

Providence was always been my all time favorite restaurant for many many years with Melisse and the now Defunct Alex a close 2nd. This has easily surpassed all of them and may have ruined my upcoming dinner at Trois Mec this Monday.

I suggest to get on that mailing list and pray you get an invite. lol I'm going to pray some more to get a 2nd invite next time.

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  1. I got into Wolvesmouth the day before you did, also after trying for quite a while. Looks like our meals were mostly the same, though our second course was skate instead of cod, and a few other ingredients in some of the other course look like they were changed. Thanks for posting. I was actually wondering how much different the next day's menu would be.

    I agree about how incredible the meal was. My favorites were the pork belly/lobster dish and the final desert but everything was great. The guests also brought some great wines to share.

    Pictures below.

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      1. re: jsandler

        What was your favorite dish? Every ingredient worked wonderfully! Loved it!

        1. re: JMan604

          The lobster and pork belly followed by citrus dessert. I did a write up here:

          1. re: jsandler

            loved that dish too

            I doubted my sanity for a bit but my favorite was the celery root. I never liked any of the vegetarians/vegans/meat haters that i've met but my goodness, that dish makes me want to turn into a vegetarian if every food they eat was as good as that. lol It was just refreshing. A great dish before the quail.

      2. If I may ask what was the cost of your meal?

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        1. re: wienermobile

          Actually, there is technically no cost. At the end of the meal you are given an envelope and are asked to contribute whatever you want. From what I've gathered, people usually leave around $100 but I'd imagine there is a considerable range.

        2. How do you get on the mailing/invite list?

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              1. re: wienermobile

                Operating a food business without permits of any kind, it ain't easy. Moving frequently? Probably, depending on the neighbors good (or bad) will.