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Jan 25, 2014 10:03 PM

Palm Springs- a hidden gem

Coming from SF/ Oakland we often get to dine at great restaurants. Now when visiting the Palm Springs area we have a restaurant that competes with the best the Bay Area has to offer-- Dish Creative Cuisine. The restaurant was not much to look at but the food was the star. The kitchen sends out multiple amuse bouches that were fun, inventive and delicious. Instead of bread service, warm savory donuts were provided. On this night, sun dried tomato and thyme flavors with a olive tapenade butter were featured. Every table also received a fried mozzarella puff, a sea bass ceviche with avocado mousse, a black bean tostada with duck confit, a sorbet of ginger beer and lime, and lemon basil ice cream pop ups. I would have been happy eating only the amuse bouches. But, we enjoyed excellent entrees too. A lobster spaghetti with saffron cream sauce and a oven roasted salmon that was memorable because it was so tender and flavorful. Other tables in this small restaurant were enjoying meat dishes that had the look of something unusual and decadent. The wine list was small but well designed. And the service was attentive. Not sure is she does it every night but the chef visited every table and seemed to enjoy discussing her beautifully designed food. Skip Trio and give this place a try.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Heading down to Calexico and Salton Sea area along Highway 10 -- any other recommendations in this lone corner of the state to the Mexican border?

    Salton, El Centro, Brawley, Calexico?

    1. We love the desert, especially during the polar vortex that has gripped our home back East.. But the restaurant fare out here has been a disappointment compared to the exciting cooking we come to expect back in Connecticut and New York. Given Palm Spring's artistic creative scene, we have been surprised by its down the middle cuisine: non adventuresome, no chance taken, stuck in a restaurant time warp I call " late century modern." But thankfully, based on this thread, we tried Joana Garcia-Colson's imaginative creative cuisine in a tiny19 seat space tucked into a strip mall in the culinary wasteland that is Cathedral City. Wow! From the Savory Pablano donut in chipolte honey butter that led a calvacade of amuse boches throughout the meal, to the the incredible starter -- a creamy, buttery burratta (best I've every had), to the deep umami of a boar chop over a bacon hash, this was the most exciting meal we've tasted in the Valley.

      And the good news is that Colson is hoping to move into more generous space in the design district in the fall, a far better setting for her flavor designs. And with larger quarters she told us that she hopes to do for cocktails what she's doing with food. Trying new combinations, testing molecular, having a blast. .

      A "recovering lawyer", Chef Colson made the rounds to every table, joyfully explaining each amuse bouche, the prep for many entrees, in total control of the room, the kitchen, the servers, the night.