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Jan 25, 2014 09:39 PM

Looking for exotic themed restaurant. . .any suggestions???

Any Moroccan type restaurants in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area?

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  1. I like the decor and food at The Persian Room. The fountain and cool formal decor are nice and the food is terrific. Try the tahdigh with stews as an app plus kabobs. Very magic carpet ride!

    Other than that, you might try Edens Grill Inn. Are you looking for that "vibe" or authentic food? Are you leaning more towards African food? If that's the case maybe Juja or Cafe Lalibela. More specifics please? Do you want to sit on the floor and eat with your hands?

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      What about. Mijana in Tempe? Belly dancing lessons at 6pm!

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        I have been to both the Persian Room and Edens Grill. Both are very good, however I was looking for preferably a Moroccan restaurant where you sit on low stools, similar to a few that I had eaten at in Los Angeles some years back. Actually, maybe some one should open one here in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

        By the way, I love tah Diq with the stews!!! YUM YUM!!!

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          Al Zohour is not the show that Dar Maghreb is. It's a small seating area separated from a market by a low wall with standard tables and chairs, and it's decidedly downscale. But the food is outstanding.

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            Thank you for the info. It's quite a drive away from where I live but I'll be sure to try it!!!

      2. Alzohour at 27th Ave & Northern on the west side of Phoenix

        1. Has anyone checked the vendors down by the mosques? Fridays are probably a hood bet. Will try to explore myself and keep posted!

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            Do you mean the Islamic Cultural Center in Tempe? I've been by there on Fridays and occasionally seen some baked goods sold along the street but no full meal vendors. Or maybe you're talking about a different mosque.

          2. I just noticed that the omni resort in Scottsdale, Montelucia has a Kasbah pool, lots of tiles and Arabic gardens. At least the vibe is right and I think there are 3 restaurants there......all Mediterranean.