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Jan 25, 2014 08:48 PM

Turkey and dressing

My mother always cooked her turkey, removed most of the stock and mixed it with dressing, pour the dressing around the bird and finish cooking them together. The turkey was done and not overcooked. Does anyone know how to do this?

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  1. Not me, sorry. I always do my stuffing on the stove-top.

    1. Sure, this makes perfect sense. But since your Mom's time we've discovered that low and slow is best and you may like doing your dressing at a bit higher temp.

      What method are you planning on using for your Turkey?

      Here's the traditional way:

      And here's low & slow:

      In any event, about an hour before your Turkey is done (maybe at about 120F internal), remove it from the pan and drain out all the drippings into a separate container (I assume this is what you mean by stock).

      Prepare your dressing by using all of this (or reserve some for the gravy later). Use the fat to sauté your veg and use the drippings, augmented by the stock you made yesterday from the giblets (you did make the stock yesterday with your giblets, right? Oh good) for the liquid for the dressing itself.

      Here's a good basic way to assemble the dressing:

      Put all this in the roasting pan, replace the bird and finish roasting. Your bird is done when the white meat hits 150F. You can continue to bake the stuffing longer until it's nice and browned on the top if you wish.