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Jan 25, 2014 08:23 PM


What is your favorite cracker (under kosher supervision) to eat/serve with cheese?

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  1. Liebers Snackers with unsalted tops

    1. Keebler's Club crackers, but its cholov stam if that makes a difference.

      1. If you're near any Shoprite stores they sell their own brand of water crackers very similar to Carrs. They've been on sale throughout the holidays for .99 cents a box. They come in plain, sesame seed, cracked black pepper and maybe one other variety.Excellent! Circle U and Dairy

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          The Shop Rite brand is a great recommendation. But the actual Carr's are parve, which is useful, imo.

          Lieber's doesn't compare.

          Trader Joe's has a lot of good crackers. I am partial to the pita crackers but there are a bunch of good ones.

        2. Robust cheeses can stand up to flavorful crackers; one I like is Milton's multi-grain OU-d I think the "d" is for delicious. People enjoy flavorful crackers. Remember that not all of your guests are foodie purists.

          But if you have something you really want to showcase (like the duck liver pate I made for this past Shabbat) I agree with DeisCane that you want Carr's water crackers - pepper and plain.

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            Thanks all. I recently discovered the Keebler's Club Crackers, that were better than any others that I had tried; but now I do plan on comparing them to the others that you've recommended.

          2. Trader Joe's Multigrain Enchanted Crackers are excellent. In fact, Trader Joe's has several delicious kosher options.