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Jan 25, 2014 06:54 PM

Restaurants of Ecole Ferrandi

I have never noticed reference to the two restaurants staffed by the students of Ecole Ferrandi. Any experiences?

We have dined a handful of times at the several restaurants at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park and found them delightful experiences. Does this translate to Paris or are there just too many other and better options here? Or are there other and better restaurants run by schools?

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  1. I ate once at the Ecole Vatel (in the 17th arrondissement). It was an ok experience. The food was mostly pretty good, and the service was charming and cute (in a "oh look at all these kids pretending to be grown-ups" kind of way).

    As someone who is interested in food, chefs, and where they come from, it's interesting to go. The bill is usually cheaper than it should (although still not cheap), and the night was fun.

    I will probably never go again though.

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      And at the Vatel they are very very nice.
      As they are at the Restaurant School of the Chamber of Commerce.
      Mangeur, you could do us a great service and try the various school restos but I couldn't scare up the funding.

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        "The food was mostly pretty good, and the service was charming and cute (in a "oh look at all these kids pretending to be grown-ups" kind of way)."

        LOL since this describes many of the new hip/our favorite restaurants in Paris. Or maybe it's just the perspective of age.

      2. Ferrandi takes this fairly seriously as part of the rigourous education their students go through - as well as the two restaurants, these kids will also experience working at receptions in the Sénat, Elysée and other "palaces" of the republic.

        Reservations are needed for the two restaurants and are not easy (I've tried several times) - it can't just be enthusiastic parents checking out for their offsprings who fill all the places. When I finally get date that coincides with a trip to Paris, I'll happily report back.

        Generally, the folks at Ferrandi are a pleasure to deal with and their relaxed professional approach impresses.

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          I had a quite reasonable meal there a bit back, although because our Senators are less well known than our in-your-face politicians who dine at the La Maison des Polytechniciens' Poulpry, it's less fun for people-watching. And Kerriar, now I know why the service was so energetic. Thanks.

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            Reservations similar to the CIA. Ferrandi site says that they are booked through June, reservations are closed until further notice. It's nice to see the kids give Frenchie a run for its money.