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30" range -dual fuel. Viking RDVR vs. GE. Need help!

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I'm replacing our range and microwave at our cabin in Colorado. Elevation 10,000 feet. We are up every weekend and cook and entertain frequently. I don't want to spend $6 K for a range - I was thinking more along the lines of $3000 - $4000 for the range. My intense wish list includes a warming oven but I don't think the viking has that. Anyone familiar with GE Cafe series? I'm not getting GE Profile (negative experience) And GE makes a fancy microwave/convection oven that could be bundled with the Cafe range. I don't want induction because I don't want to have to replace my cookware and it would be a challenge since we potluck frequently. Our neighbors wouldn't have the right cookware.

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  1. I bought a duel fuel 30" Viking in October and so far I love it. I cook a lot and sometimes for a crowd. I have no experience with GE.

    1. I have had my GE gas double oven for almost 3 years.
      LOVE it

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        Hi jillsee,

        I have the same GE cafe range. Can you comment on the broiler here?



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