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Jan 25, 2014 05:44 PM

What kind of soup?

Sunday is my day to put on a pot of soup.. I prefer a vegetarian soup but ive made split pea and black bean and tomato white bean and minnestrone all lately..suggestions? Maybe a fish chowder?

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  1. I like to make chowders with white beans rather than potatoes, for a healthier soup. Thick chowders are best in cold weather, but I also like Manhattan style clam chowder, which is practically an all-pantry item. Canned diced tomatoes, canned or frozen minced clams with their juice, Better than Bouillon base (fish, clam, or lobster), onion, celery, carrot, beans, dried thyme, black pepper.

    Just finished another of my stand-by soups: browned bits of kielbasa, onion, chicken broth, carrot, celery, caraway, garlic, pepper, cabbage, white beans, diced apple, apple cider, balsamic vinegar.

    Curried butternut squash and apple soup, pureed with cream.

    I've flagged your question to have it moved to the Home Cooking thread, where it belongs. This current thread there has lots of ideas for hearty soups.

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      <I like to make chowders with white beans rather than potatoes, for a healthier soup.>

      Wow, that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. We always end up with some broth + potatoes after serving. The folks here love beans, though, so I think you've just solved my problem, greygarious. Thanks so much

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        You're welcome! I usually use small white, or navy, beans because they cook fairly quickly. But large limas, the canned version of which is butter beans, REALLY have the taste and texture of roughly-chunked potatoes. I use them for "fauxtato salad", with no other changes to the basic potato salad ingredients.

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          oh gosh, we love butter beans (and cornbread) around here. Have never thought of fauxtato salad -- that is pure genius!!! As a butter bean lover, Greygarious, have you heard the Carolina Chocolate Drops sing "Cornbread and Butter Beans"??

          Totally awesome!!! A must watch for those of us who love either (or both) cornbread and butter beans. Here you go:

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            Thank you, but apparently I am more like your Luddite screennamesake than you are: I have a dial-up connection so videos are not possible. Though I did get my first microwave and my still-working Cuisinart before anyone else I knew had them.

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              hey, greygarious, here's a link to the lyrics - which may well cause you to buy the song from Amazon (the best .99 cents you'll spend today) --

              Amazon link:

              Disclaimer: I don't know these musicians or anyone related to them . . . I just think this tune is great!

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              LOVE that song. Greygarious - if you ever have a chance to listen to it, please do!

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                Well you all talked me into watching it, and I'm glad you did. Definitely brightened up my day!

      2. A good roasted butternut squash soup is great for cold winter days. Easy to do, and a Google search will spit out all kinds of recipes for it. Very versatile

        1. I would recommend a Manhattan Clam Chowder. If you can have cheese, when it's finished a dash of imported Parmesan cheese will really make it special. And don't forget along with canned clams if you use them at all, you want to get at least 2 dozen top necks or cherrystones and steam them up. Save ALL the juice, chop the clams and strain the juice through a coffee filter and add that back into your broth. Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce in moderation. You know the rest.... you're a cook! HAVE FUN - Let us know how it comes out!

          1. I've been thinking a lot about a Salmon Potato Chowder.

            1. vegetarian minestrone with kidney beans and pasta

              vegetarian lentil, or lentil with kale, or curried lentil

              mexican chipotle black and pinto bean soup with tomatoes and peppers and onions

              beet and cabbage borscht