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Jan 25, 2014 05:44 PM

Authentic Yucatan food in Broward...or a chef to make it?

Hi- I am one of those live-in-the-details kind of people, and am building a grown up scavenger hunt for a friend this Vanentine's Day....with a dinosaur theme. The first clue will be embedded in a chocolate scale model of T-Rex (with a model of my friend in its chops: you are so yummy, I could just eat you up!). Because it's figured that the dinosaurs went extinct by way of an asteroid hit in the Yucatan Peninsula, I'd like the second clue to come via Mexican take out. But I want it regionally accurate, not simply broad-stroke Mexican, and really, really tasty. Would anyone know if there is such a thing here in Broward? Or, perhaps, knows of a solid chef that could whip it up in my kitchen? Thanks so much, any suggestions you've got would be so helpful!

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  1. Close, but not quite in Broward, Cheen Huaye, 15400 Biscayne Blvd‎. (154 Biscayne Plaza), Aventura, FL 33160, specializes in "all the flavors of the Yucatan cuisine in a clean ambience and atmosphere."

    Generally well regarded on this board's reviews:


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      Plenty close enough, thank you so much! This'll definitely do the trick!