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Jan 25, 2014 05:32 PM

favorite old school Carolina charcuterie purveyors?

Once again I let the Shelby NC Liver Mush Exposition slip by without attending,darnit!

Up until three of my grandparents passed in about 1975, we often enjoyed liver mush, scrapple, head cheese and such.

Today in Ingle's I picked up some Neece's liver pudding to enjoy fried crisp in the morning with soft scrambled eggs.I hear that there are liver puddings out there that feature rice and lots of red pepper creating something very close to Carolina Boudain.Anybody have any favorites?

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  1. There is an old guy at the Winston salem farmer market who makes him own sausage and liver pudding. he only does the lp in the fall. it is spicier than neeses and much less firm. It tends to fall apart in the pan. I will assume this is due to more fat and less cornmeal than neeses. Also it is half the price.

    Also while not old school I always love the house made charcut at Giacomo's in Greensboro.

    1. I have really enjoyed Hunter's livermush, though I can't get it near where I live anymore. It is produced by a small company in Marion and is generally available in the Hickory area.

      1. Smith's Red and White in Rocky Mount comes up in these discussions a lot, particularly for its hot air dried sausage.

        I usually get this kind of stuff from Sumrell's Country Sausage in Ayden. They do regular and air dried country sausage, hot and mild. They also make superb Mexican-style chorizo. Grill that stuff over lump charcoal with some apple wood thrown in, toast a few tortillas on the grill, toss on some hot sauce of some sort, oh man. So good.

        There's an old NCFood post from a few years back that talks about them having some more exotic sausages, like South African boerewors. I keep meaning to ask them if they can make that, as I've never seen it in stock.

        Nahunta Pork Center's sausage is also supposed to be quite good.

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          I usually do hot air dried from Nahunta. My wife is totally addicted. But then again, she's a Pete Jones fiend as well.

          I think I'll keep her.............HA!

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            I can confirm that Sumrell's makes boeerwors. I've been buying it from them for about 10 years. They often have it in stock, and, if you are willing to order in quantitiy, will make it for you custom. To my palate, it is crazy delicious!

            1. Rose's Meats & Sweets in Durham always has 5-6 interesting sausages to choose from including South African boerewors on occasion. They's also have head cheese and such. I'd call to see what they have on offer before heading over as their offerings change frequently.