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Jan 25, 2014 04:34 PM

Need a tasty ethnic brunch North of Boston - tomorrow!

Dear me: Taking a friend for a very impromptu birthday brunch tomorrow. Due to lack of planning, not sure where to go. Friend lives in Woburn, close to Burlington. Any ideas? Indian buffet, dim sum, or even a quirky American (but with fun options - not just eggs/pancakes) would be lovely. My first inclination is China Pearl in Woburn, but I'm wondering if anything else exists in the Woburn-Burlington-Billerica area.

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  1. Check that current thread about the new tapas place in Woburn Center. Also, I believe Masa - in the Whole Foods shopping center on 3A at the Winchester line - does brunch. Personally, I'd go to the vegetarian Indian buffet at Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington. I'm not vegetarian but their food is satisfying, and unusual compared to most Indian places. However, the place has no ambience whatsoever.

    1. I love Masa Woburn for their Sunday brunch. From 10:00 - 11:30 they have a great 2 course option. New China Pearl for dim sum is always fun, but not as good for only 2 people. It really limits your choices. If you want a real adventure go to Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington. Not necessarily brunch, but delicious.

      1. too bad you can't change to weekday tapas in woburn center; you'd have alot of fun w/ that.