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Jan 25, 2014 03:37 PM

Chowhound Worthy Grub-Unconventional Venue

Another thread was just becoming interesting, to me(food wise), when it was closed. I did a search for " good food/ non-restaurant " places and received only a few location(state)-specific hits.

I'm interested in good-to-great food and beverages served at non-restaurant venues. You know...the bowling alley with the great chili or the skating rink with killer nachos. Food you would consider asking the staff "do you have the recipe for...." even though you might be slightly chagrined to do so.

This post started my train of thought:

"I can only vouch for the bowling alley.

If you're ever there, go."

If there is another thread already covering this (nationally) please redirect and delete my post.

My contribution would be:

Nice to find a "real" coffee shop on a college campus.

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  1. Raleigh, NC:

    There is a gas station near my home with killer Mexican food. You'd never know it without going inside.

    I also frequent a seafood market which offers excellent fried fish made to order.

    1. Danny and Clyde's - a gas station chain with good po-boys. We had them at my wedding.

      1. Here's a semi-recent thread of good gas station treats

        1. Sorry, I started a similar thread before I saw yours. Maybe the mods can combine or link or just delete mine.

          Here is my bowling alley

          and even though I posted this in the earlier thread, I still think the review is worth reading

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            The Mods can't combine threads or move a post to another thread but you can flag your own thread and ask them to delete it.

            I can't recall the name, but heard that there's a car dealership west of Boston (Rt 9 or Rt 1) that has a cafe/restaurant with good food. It grew out of the typical service department waiting room's complementary coffee and donuts. The cafe (which is NOT free) has become its own destination.

          2. Here's one for me from back in the day. My Mom and I used to love the Italian sub at Chuck E. Cheese's. This was probably when I was around 12 years old, so past the age of going there to play, but my mom used to order them for us and get them to go, and yes, we did have other restaurant options in town that served Italian subs, we just genuinely really liked there's. The last time I had it was a few years ago. Probably not as good as I remember it being, but certainly still better that one would expect from a place like that.