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Jan 25, 2014 03:29 PM

Mail Order Coffee Cake from German bakery in St. Louis

Hello everyone! My grandma was from St. Louis. When she moved to Albuquerque, NM in the 1950s, she had coffee cakes shipped from a German bakery there for as long as I can remember. I believe the bakery may have closed in the 1990s. Does anyone know what bakery it could've been? Or one that does a similar mail order business? It would mean a lot to my family to have one of those German coffee cakes again. Thank you!

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  1. Maybe Beckerer's?. I think that was the name. It was on S. Grand and I used to buy German Christmas candy there. They had a few groceries and bakery goods. There are others but I think that closed around then. There are so many kinds of coffeecake. Here is an image search that might help narrow it down a little. Was it a yeast risen type? If we know more specifics, we might be able to suggest something similar. If you have an idea what kind it was you might call 4 Seasons Bakery. Agi, one of the owners is German and might be able to help you.!

    Also you might try your hand at making one.

    1. Looking at the pictures and recipe, I know that it was definitely Streuselkuchen. It had a crumb topping and I seem to remember a cheese filling of some sort. Though my mom does not. My great aunts got coffee cakes of different flavors (or fillings?) from the same place. There is a funny family story that revolves around smashing a raspberry one. Does 4 Seasons ship their cakes?

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        I don't know but you could email them with a picture to see. She makes everything from scratch. So delicious!