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Mail Order Coffee Cake from German bakery in St. Louis

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Hello everyone! My grandma was from St. Louis. When she moved to Albuquerque, NM in the 1950s, she had coffee cakes shipped from a German bakery there for as long as I can remember. I believe the bakery may have closed in the 1990s. Does anyone know what bakery it could've been? Or one that does a similar mail order business? It would mean a lot to my family to have one of those German coffee cakes again. Thank you!

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  1. Maybe Beckerer's?. I think that was the name. It was on S. Grand and I used to buy German Christmas candy there. They had a few groceries and bakery goods. There are others but I think that closed around then. There are so many kinds of coffeecake. Here is an image search that might help narrow it down a little. Was it a yeast risen type? If we know more specifics, we might be able to suggest something similar. If you have an idea what kind it was you might call 4 Seasons Bakery. Agi, one of the owners is German and might be able to help you. http://www.4seasonsbakery.com/#!


    Also you might try your hand at making one.


    1. Looking at the pictures and recipe, I know that it was definitely Streuselkuchen. It had a crumb topping and I seem to remember a cheese filling of some sort. Though my mom does not. My great aunts got coffee cakes of different flavors (or fillings?) from the same place. There is a funny family story that revolves around smashing a raspberry one. Does 4 Seasons ship their cakes?

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        I don't know but you could email them with a picture to see. She makes everything from scratch. So delicious!