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Hotel Tides - Asbury Park

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Went to an art show here last summer and after looking at the menu was intrigued. It is a rather limited selection but priced at the high end for this area. Looking through the various reviews online, the B&B portion seems mixed but the restaurant seems to earn almost destination status. I got to try it on Thursday; a cold January evening.

The staff was gathered around the cozy bar area and we were led into an empty dining room and seated with menus. The decor in the lobby and bar area which is modern, is a little at odds with the stamped tin ceiling and walls of the dining room, but not a big deal.

We started out with a few appetizers. An Arugula & Beet salad with goat cheese, chive and tomato vinaigrette Was good. The calamari fritté served with a tarragon aioli with fennel, zucchini and caper berries was very good. The capers were a nice touch and our server was able to bring some Sriracha out from the kitchen. :-) The eggplant meatballs served with marinara, topped with ricotta were a tasty lighter side dish.

As for entrees, we opted for casino crusted scallops with lemon tarragon aioli and sautéed arugula. Scallops were perfectly done. I got the Short Ribs, served with creamed elote & bacon frizzled leeks. The ribs were boneless and the base of elote reminded me of hominy. The portion was huge and fork tender. Ended up with enough to bring home for lunch a couple days later.

All in all it was an excellent meal. The food and service were both impeccable. The prices were rather high but the quality and care were evident in the cooking and presentation. One oddity was that we were the only table there for the whole meal. Our server mentioned that they are usually slow during the week, and that their location in a strictly residential area and the seriously subfreezing weather were a factor. Seems a shame as this likely could be a destination spot.


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  1. Great report on a place we'd probably never notice. Look forward to dining here soon.

    1. I have not eaten in the restaurant, hap a couple of the apps at the bar at the beginning of the season last year, wasn't impressed but they did change the chef since then and I have heard good things. The bar is one of my favorites to have a drink at

      1. And they are correct, during the season it is busy, we have say on the porch drinking while many people came in and out of the restaurant and that was before the chef change

        1. IMO this is the best restaurant in Asbury right now..and no one knows about it! :D Can we keep it that way?

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            1. Mark glad you enjoyed it.......only table?....yea that is a slow night lol....nice review thanx!

              1. Big disappointment tonight!

                Six of us, including a six year old, went for an early dinner.

                I had the Pear Salad which was delicious! the others had the Bibb Salad which they rated OK.

                The six year old had the crab cake appetizer for his entrée and it was a big hit! Almost all crab and very little filler.

                Two had the pork Chop and rated it just OK.

                The three of us who order the steak, each at a different temp, all received well done. Two were sent back. Mine came back supposedly rare, but was so grisly that I couldn't eat it.

                Warm bread served with olive oil/balsamic vinegar was nothing to rave about.

                Good service. and the room was empty, but this was Gay Pride weekend and most people were still out celebrating.

                The room was interesting with tin ceiling and great lighting. I'm sure the hotel would be a nice place to say.