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Jan 25, 2014 12:30 PM

Water Buffalo Yogurt

I spotted tubs of Société-Orignal Water Buffalo Yogurt at La Bête à Pain on Fleury street (Ahunsic area) selling for 8$. After doing some Internet research on the product, I came up with very little in the way of people who have tasted or commented on it.

The following article talks about recent Can/Qc government funding being granted to Élevages Buffalo Maciocia (the only water buffalo dairy farm in Quebec) to further process/develop water buffalo milk products in Quebec:

Has anyone tried the cheese or yogurt from this dairy farm? Any comments/suggestions?

As with cheeses in general, I know mozzarella di bufala cheese in Italy is necessarily a local product and notoriously impossible to replicate outside of Italy because the taste/texture of the cheese is inextricably connected to the climate and diet of the buffalo there. Are water buffalo milk products to be valued in there own right regardless of where they are produced? Does Quebec have some sort of unique/favorable edge in terms of producing water buffalo milk products? Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on this.

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  1. They talked about buffalo yogurt on the radio the day before yesterday. I think they are saying that Fromagerie Polyethnique is also making some. Info between the 18th and 20th minute:

    1. I have tried and still use the yogurt. It's amazing! It's a thick yogurt, like a Greek Yogurt. The maple is also amazing! I am allergic to dairy (cow), but I'm not allergic to buffalo milk!
      I think the government gave the water buffalo farmers grants ($) to product these milk products. I'm happy they did

      1. I thought that Saputo bought a Vermont herd and brought them back to Quebec to make their Bufala Cheese.

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          I read that here as well, but never anywhere else. Saputo does make a mozzarella (mozzarina) di buffala, but their milk could be coming from outside Québec since water buffalo milk is not subject to the same import restrictions that apply to cow's milk.

        2. I ended up trying it as well. I found it to have a mild and delicate aftertaste which was pleasing, but I did not find it to be quite as thick and creamy as a Greek yogurt. I am intolerant to cow's milk, and regularly eat Liberté Goat Milk Yogurt. I thought it could be a welcome change, if even as a treat once in while, but at 8$ a tub (approx. 500g), I do not find it worthwhile, as it is good, but not great.

          Btw, I had it with some homemade peach jam, and that was certainly a nice pairing for it.

          1. While I have not tried it from the farm you mention above, we have a local cheese producer making small amounts of water buffalo yogurt here on Vancouver Island. The yogurt is amazing! 8% milk fat, and only plain is available. I normally dislike plain yogurt, but find myself eating this straight, but it is also excellent mixed with berries/granola. So far it is only available at Farmers markets, at $6.75 per 500ml tub. I would imagine it would retail in stores (if available)at least $8. I feel I am getting good value at both price points.