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Jan 25, 2014 11:58 AM

Vermouth in Barcelona

We are headed to Barcelona for a few days next month. I am eager to try the vermouth, which I understand is less sweet than Italian vermouth and typically served with seltzer and a garnish. Can anyone recommend a particular brand to order? Thank you.

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  1. Vermouth in Spain is often served on tap and places that serve it out of a bottle will usually only have their "house" brand. There are newer, trendier bars that offer vermouth menus, but I don't know much about those.

    The best vermouth is said to come from Reus. There are well known brands like Yzzaguire and Miro, but as I noted above, when you walk into a bar and order vermouth you will likely not have a choice.

    Vermut in Catalonia is not so much about the drink as it a term for an aperitif (most traditionally had before sunday lunch). People will drink vermouth, but also beer or wine accompanied by olives, almonds, potato chips, etc.

    Here's an article from the Financial Times about the new vermut trend in Barcelona:

    1. There was a lengthy discussion of vermouth in Spain a few months earlier which may be of interest ...

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        Very helpful information - thank you both!

      2. Very helpful information. Thank you both!

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          1. You must try Cala del Vermut. There's 3 on the same street but go to the smallest one in the middle. They do their own vermouth on tap and a great selection of the local tinned specialities. And the walls are covered in old photos of the Costa Brava. It really is a great place to try the Catalan 'vermut'.

            You can read more about it here -