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Jan 25, 2014 11:51 AM

Tasty new Mexican restaurant in Kensington

Just tried Catrin, which recently opened on East 7th Street, just north of Church Avenue. We started out with a simple chips and guac, which was a really pleasant surprise: flavorful, nicely-textured guac and chips that were mildly warmed. We then got an order of shrimp tacos with a chipotle mayo, which was very nice, and quesadillas, one with huitlacoche and one with chicharrones. I thought that the huitlacoche quesadilla was alright, the chicharrones quesadilla better. But the surprise of the meal was a Mexican-style hamburger, made with chorizo and garnished with Oaxacan cheese and avocado. I would definitely return to this place, particularly as the other taco options look good as well.

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  1. thanks for the report, jack. i live in the neighborhood and had heard good things about this place and was curious... can you describe the ambiance? do they serve beer & wine? i had heard their chilaquiles off their breakfast menu are great...and that burger you described sounds tempting too.

    i have gotten my hopes up about a number of restaurants /food spots that have opened in the area during the past few years, only to be disappointed. the only area restaurant i can truly say i love has been wheated...

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      Ditto on Wheated.

      A far as Tacos El Catrin goes, a single diner is at a disadvantage in one sense...the three-to-an-order (single skins) taco plate for $7 can be only a singular variety of taco. I really wanted to sample their lengua, mushroom and al pastor but could not. Perhaps they could bend this rule when not too busy.

      That said, flavors, especially their salsas, crispy-salty chips and complex guacamole were distinctive and authentic. Mexican-owned and operated, cool decor which will get even better.