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Jan 25, 2014 11:27 AM

Tortuga Flats - any impressions?

Let me know before I make the trek if you've been.

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    1. Okay, we went last night and the service was fine, the place felt perfectly "round rocky" if that makes any sense. The salsa was dark with roasted bits and very good. That's it. I had the pozole, fish tacos, and she had the mole chicken enchiladas. The guacamole was good, but the pork belly in it while edible was just gimmicky. We agreed it was mediocre food and wouldn't return to get any of it but the salsa and maybe that skinny margarita. Fair enough to pop in for drinks and snacks. My pozole benchmark is Los Pinos and this was far below and tasted old. The pork had that dark, "spent meat" look. The total rang up to around 70 bucks with a 20% tip - much too much for the experience. We could've gorged at Maudie's North for half that price, or at DK Sushi on plenty of yellowtail sashimi for the same price and would have been much happier. Okay, I took one for the team I guess.

      1. any updates on this place?
        a work buddy said it's really good but i trust you guys more.

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          Wow... I've never even heard of this place, but the menu looks great.

          How's the ambience? Slowcooked said it was "round rocky"... does that mean strip mall-y?

          1. re: jwynne2000

            Yes Jwynne2000, it's a bit strip mall-y and on the inside it's not anything cozy or intimate, but that's fine. We just really both didn't like our food for the most part. maybe an off night, others seem to rave on other sites (though not exclusively).

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              We went yesterday during happy hour. I think they've done a great job with the decor and the patio. Feels much more fun than the strip mall it's actually in.

              We had the habanero wings, shrimp ceviche, and a couple of tacos. I really wanted to like the food, but it was sadly underwhelming. The wings were just kind of salty and flavorless and the tacos were okay but dry. The shrimp ceviche was probably the worst offender... they bring out this mixture in a mason jar, then dump it into a bowl. How long ago did they put it in that jar? Pretty unappealing.

              Margaritas were very tasty though and a good deal during happy hour ($5).

              1. re: jwynne2000

                tex whatever mex mediocrity at that price = no go again. 50 bucks wasted was our experience.

        2. I am not going to even try it after 2 close friends said it wasn't very good(and I am being kind). If I want tex-mex, I go to Juarez Bakery. If I want to drink, I go to Jack Allen's or a ton of other local restaurants.

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          1. re: raisncains

            I really wish you would give us a shot! Our product has come a long way this past year! If you decide to come...let me know. I wanna make sure and send you out a seafood guacamole!

            Thanks and have a wonderful holidays!

            Tre Dotson

          2. I would like to personally invite all of you out to give us a try! We have made HUGE strides in our first year! We have our legs now and I think there's a little something for everyone on this menu! Please mention that Tre sent you and I will offer a free queso or queso fundido with our cola braised brisket. Please just give us a shot! And we are definitely not your normal strip mall establishment! We are local and proud and aim to make people happy one Taco at a time!

            Tre Dotson, Owner

            Tortuga Flats