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Jan 25, 2014 10:41 AM

Hungarian Food

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, we used to eat Hungarian food quite frequently, both at home and in restaurants. NYC had quite a few in those days, mainly in Yorkville. The cold weather brings out the Hungarian/Slovak side of me. Can anyone recommend a good Hungarian, or Eastern European cookbook? Seems that type of food is out of style today. Also, remember my mother used to put green peppers in her goulash and paprika dishes. Is that really Hungarian?

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  1. George Lang's "The Cuisine of Hungary".

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    1. I'm old favorite Hungarian cookbook is The Hungarian Cookbook by Susan Derecskey from 1972. My family never did green peppers in chicken paprikas or beef gulyas dishes, but they are the type of dishes that vary from family to family.

      My father always grew a variety of Hungarian hot peppers. A bit hot but also had a nice flavor similar to green bell peppers, but better.

      1. My Hungarian cookbook (Gormet Pot — Kálmán Tolnai) calls for "capsicums" in most goulash recipes as well as paprika.

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          Thanks. Sounds like it varies from family to family, and, perhaps, region to region. I really want to recreate some of those old recipes on these cold winter nights. I always thought Hungarian food was more than just grandma's comfort food. It was freaking good!

        2. No flour, peppers or tomatoes in our pörkolt or gulyas or paprikas - well, a small tomato in csirkepaprikas.

          Lang and Derecskey mentioned below are both excellent.

          You may wish to check these out:

          Sorry, they used to link into a home page but that doesn't work any longer.