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Jan 25, 2014 09:43 AM

Best place for a good quality steak?

I don't think this has been discussed for a while....STEAK

Looking to find an affordable alternative to Met. Grill, Ruth Chris, El Gouge-o's. Key word affordable, but not sizzler or outback affordable. Is there any thing in between? What about Jak's Grill? Your thoughts?

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  1. I went to Jaks recently on a rec from this board, and did not find most of their steaks much cheaper than anywhere else. I recall the range as falling somewhere between $36 and $42.

    Their HH is supposed to be good, but when I was there (Laurelhurst location), there were lines for every barstool, and the rest of the restaurant was a complete ghost town. Very forlorn vibe, I thought, and we left.

    You might consider Wedgwood Broiler. Their bar is an actual time machine...


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      I have never heard a more apt description of the Wedgwood Broiler's bar.

      I'd go for the prime rib dip over a steak there, though.

      1. re: Brunhilde

        Agree with the bar description and the prime rib dip. I also like the prime rib itself on Fri, Sat, Sunday nights. The Broiler is it's own thing and you have to like what it is to enjoy it. I would not confess how often we go there to eat cheeseburgers and drink really strong cocktails while watching TV after a hard day at work. It is such a no BS place and they get a Manhattan on the table faster than any other bar in town.

    2. Jaks is okay, but chained Morton's is better. Include expense account, please!

      1. I still think JaK's is worth a try.

        I have to admit, I haven't been there in a year, and I also admit that when I was growing up in the Sammamish area, it was a family favorite for special family dinners, as they have a location in downtown Issaquah, so there is a sentimental component to my recommendation.

        It's not a big bargain.

        But, I consider their cuts 95% as good as Ruth's and Morton's. And you can order a 16 oz filet, a 16 oz top sirloin. Their dinner prices include warm bred, dinner salad, a big baked potato, and steamed veggies, whereas these things must be ordered separately at most other higher end spots.

        Among the really top end places, I favor the Metroplitan Grill, but it will cost you 1.5x-1.8x the price for dinner out the door, but a food experience only 5% better.

        Finally, one of the very best places for a good quality steak is at my house. I like 2.5" thick dry aged cuts from my local japanese grocer. He cuts them to order. I lay them in lots of sea salt for half hour at room temp, then fresh cracked tellicherry pepper on all sides, then onto a raging hot lump charcoal grill at 900 degrees. I like to serve it next to a butter gold baked potato wrapped in foil and cooked in the same grill. Does anyone else fantasize about starting a supper club?

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          Hi, alarash:

          Wow, steaks at your house it is! [Cue Carole King's "(You're So) Far Away"]...


        2. I've had a few good steaks at Bick's Broadview Grill. It's not super cheap, but less expensive than Jak's.

          1. Jakes uses way too much salt.