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Best place for a good quality steak?

I don't think this has been discussed for a while....STEAK

Looking to find an affordable alternative to Met. Grill, Ruth Chris, El Gouge-o's. Key word affordable, but not sizzler or outback affordable. Is there any thing in between? What about Jak's Grill? Your thoughts?

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  1. I went to Jaks recently on a rec from this board, and did not find most of their steaks much cheaper than anywhere else. I recall the range as falling somewhere between $36 and $42.

    Their HH is supposed to be good, but when I was there (Laurelhurst location), there were lines for every barstool, and the rest of the restaurant was a complete ghost town. Very forlorn vibe, I thought, and we left.

    You might consider Wedgwood Broiler. Their bar is an actual time machine...


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      I have never heard a more apt description of the Wedgwood Broiler's bar.

      I'd go for the prime rib dip over a steak there, though.

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        Agree with the bar description and the prime rib dip. I also like the prime rib itself on Fri, Sat, Sunday nights. The Broiler is it's own thing and you have to like what it is to enjoy it. I would not confess how often we go there to eat cheeseburgers and drink really strong cocktails while watching TV after a hard day at work. It is such a no BS place and they get a Manhattan on the table faster than any other bar in town.

    2. Jaks is okay, but chained Morton's is better. Include expense account, please!

      1. I still think JaK's is worth a try.

        I have to admit, I haven't been there in a year, and I also admit that when I was growing up in the Sammamish area, it was a family favorite for special family dinners, as they have a location in downtown Issaquah, so there is a sentimental component to my recommendation.

        It's not a big bargain.

        But, I consider their cuts 95% as good as Ruth's and Morton's. And you can order a 16 oz filet, a 16 oz top sirloin. Their dinner prices include warm bred, dinner salad, a big baked potato, and steamed veggies, whereas these things must be ordered separately at most other higher end spots.

        Among the really top end places, I favor the Metroplitan Grill, but it will cost you 1.5x-1.8x the price for dinner out the door, but a food experience only 5% better.

        Finally, one of the very best places for a good quality steak is at my house. I like 2.5" thick dry aged cuts from my local japanese grocer. He cuts them to order. I lay them in lots of sea salt for half hour at room temp, then fresh cracked tellicherry pepper on all sides, then onto a raging hot lump charcoal grill at 900 degrees. I like to serve it next to a butter gold baked potato wrapped in foil and cooked in the same grill. Does anyone else fantasize about starting a supper club?

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          Hi, alarash:

          Wow, steaks at your house it is! [Cue Carole King's "(You're So) Far Away"]...


        2. I've had a few good steaks at Bick's Broadview Grill. It's not super cheap, but less expensive than Jak's.

          1. Jakes uses way too much salt.

            1. Jak's steaks are not that much cheaper, but they're comparable in quality and they throw in the sides which would typically add another $10-$15 at the Met/Ruth Chris/John Howie.

              If you have a Costco membership, gift cards can be bought to give you a de facto 20% off at the Met and (sometimes) John Howie.

              I bought this John Howie gift card recently. I intend to stack it with a Groupon for a combined $50 off a $100 purchase there.

              One place to try is the Melrose Grill in Renton. Similar vibe/quality/price point as Jak's - though I haven't been in years.

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                I'm considering millers guild, any feedback?