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Jan 25, 2014 09:42 AM

Lunch Scraps Special at Jabistro

This past Friday I dropped by Jabistro for lunch. The weekly lunch special: a salad, clear fish soup, and sushi don, had many scrap elements... it seemed to me more focused on margin (still pricey at $16) than quality, which is what I've come to expect at Jabistro.

Mince tuna (parts that would otherwise be scrapped, strewn with sinew), a dark heavily seasoned guacamole (avocados past their prime I presume), a hunk of bony mackerel? belly in the soup (good for stock perhaps, but unpleasant to pick apart).

I've had high quality sashimi at Jabistro, but this was a disappointing step down. Scraps are no way to expand your lunch traffic!

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  1. Maybe they are serving North Korean food at lunch? :-)

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    1. Never really liked them! Found them over-priced and gimmicky! Expecting them to go downhill after the original 'fascination' is over. Guess its happening!