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Jan 25, 2014 07:28 AM

good source for bread or pizza dough

I need to make a large quantity of something and won't have time to make all the dough from scratch.

Anyone know of a bakery or store that has decent ready made dough? I have tried asking bakeries but they don't seem to want to sell it.

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    1. If you are in the west end the Monastery Bakery in Oakville sells great pizza dough. It is my go to place when I don't feel like making it myself.

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        Sorry, I should have specified downtown Toronto, I don't have a car. Thanks.

      2. Brick Street Bakery in L'Ville has great pizza dough. I cook my pies outside on a 650f Broil King and I get a beautiful pie with a crisp crust...not burnt on the bottom. Many pre-made doughs use too much sugar to proof the yeast, but this dough is seamless.

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          Interesting, thank you. I will try that.

          1. re: albanis

            Pusateris at least used to sell a decent bag of dough

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            Yes your pizza cooking system is the tastiest, fastest, etc., taking into regard the dough must sit on a pizza stone or utensil. Unfortunately, I find it easiest to seek out Italian bakeries within fairly local area or a neighbouring town to buy pizza dough, stills works well on the Barbie!

          3. My Market Bakery on Baldwin sells pizza dough, regular and whole wheat.

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            1. I have gotten some wonderful pizza dough (for very, very cheap) from Riveria bakery on College, between Manning and Clinton. A friend of mine told me that a fancy Yorkville restaurant buys their dough. Don't know if it's true, but it tastes really good, so that's all that matters!