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Jan 25, 2014 07:12 AM

ISO best recipe for roasted bone in pork shoulder that doesn't require overnight prep.

I have a 7 lb bone in skin on pork shoulder I'd like to roast for tonight. I've searched the boards and have some suggestions, but most of them would have required overnight brining or marinating. Anyone have a nice recipe that makes for a great roast in a day? I have all day to cook it. I liked the idea of a salty-sweet type glaze or crust, but again, most seem to want this process to have started last night and obviously I dropped the ball on that. Thanks!

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    I've been making "Will Owen's Pork Shoulder Roast" for five years now and it's the best I've ever made. And others seem to agree as I'm regularly asked for the recipe. My stepdaughter even fixed it for her "real" mom's birthday dinner party. You can change the seasonings if you wish.

    1. Not necessary to brine or marinate. I would dry rub, score the skin down through the fat, and put in a low oven (300 at most) for several hours, uncovered. Check it after a few hours to make sure it's not too brown, but that will be unlikely at this low temp.

      Here's one I made a few months back that was a whole shoulder that I halved. Weighed in at about 6 pounds. I believe I cooked it for six hours.

      1. Haven't made this in a while but recollect that it was spectacular with very minimal prep. Place it in the oven and wait for it's deliciousness. The fennel is key.