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Jan 25, 2014 07:04 AM

Kimchi fermenting

I made kimchi 1 1/2 days ago, and it has been sitting on the counter fermenting since then. I have read on a number of sites that the kimchi " bubbles", but I don't see that with mine. Is that a problem

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  1. The bubbles tend to be small enough that you likely won't see them - much like fizz in a bottle of soda. You'll taste them instead. Also, it will likely take longer than a day and a half for it to be bubbling. A week, more like, though that will also depend on exactly how you made your kimchi, etc.

    If you're due to refrigerate, I'd say put it in the fridge, give it a couple days. Then smell test: generally, if kimchi smells like kimchi (and not like rotting garbage), it's doing fine.