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Jan 25, 2014 06:50 AM

How to make an electric steamer function like bamboo steamer?

I love the texture and taste of vegetables cooked in a bamboo steamer. However, I don't have the storage space for one, nor the time to use the stovetop steam method that is required of it.

However, I have a dual-level electric steamer. Could I line or cover the sections of the steamer so that the moisture is retained, versus being soaked up by the food? Any suggestions? I am sooo craving that crisp texture from the veggies at Chinese restaurants!

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  1. I'm not clear about what you are asking, bamboo steamers function basically the same way electric ones do. If you want the vegetables crisp, just reduce their cooking times.

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      The bamboo steamer functions slightly different from the electric in that the wood from the steamer absorbs the liquid so that it does not drip down back into the vegetables and make them soggy. My thought was that if you could reduce the amount of moisture coming back into the food from the electric steamer, that the vegetables would end up being more crisp. Maybe using cheesecloth or lining the trays could do the trick by absorbing the moisture.

      The only answer I've seen in internet searches was "just buy a bamboo steamer." I've tried reducing the cooking time and just end up with raw tasting vegetables.