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Jan 25, 2014 05:54 AM

Lunch recommendations for today?

Hi - waiting to board a flight from Philly to Boston (there for a family thing) - looking for the BEST Boston has to offer for lunch today - any ideas? Preferably Back Bay or thereabouts - thanks

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  1. Casual, more formal, meat and potatoes, seafood?

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    1. re: catsmeow

      Anything - our only limitation is that we are "dressed down" on account of the frigid temps! We do LOVE oysters on half shell but are open to anything! Ideally no strollers with screaming children though

      1. re: Samson22

        Abe and Louis...a good steak house with good seafood options too. On Boylston St in Copley Sq.

    2. Parish Café on Boylston between Arlington and Berkeley. Great inventive sandwiches in an informal atmosphere.

      1. L'Espalier if you want the loveliest formal lunch: expect to linger over it (usually takes us two hours).

        1. Most of the best restaurants are closed for lunch. I'm not going to suggest that any of these are Boston's best but I would consider Myers and Chang, Eastern Standard, or the Gallows. Plenty of love on this board for Neptune Oyster as well, just not my favorite.

          Good luck