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Jan 24, 2014 09:56 PM

John & Zeke's Bar in Healdsburg

Happy to say that John & Zeke's Bar moved around the corner successfully after losing the location on the Plaza and re-opened before Christmas. This was a wonderful present to the town to have its favorite locals bar back again. It's across Healdsburg Avenue from Costeaux Bakery and has its own parking lot next door for extra convenience.

I dropped in Wednesday night on my way home and the place looks terrific with the same lived-in, welcoming feeling. The old B&B bar was refaced to look like the bar at the old place, just longer. There are 10 taps. The wild boar's head made the move and is mounted behind the bar. The bartender said that at least a dozen people have claimed to have bagged that one. Pool is free for now until the new table comes in.

I had the hot dog, the one and only thing on the non-existent food menu. Nothing special but just what I needed, a Costco all-beef dog microwaved in a chewy bun and served with a rack of condiments. No alcohol for me, only lime and tonic water, refilled readily and served up with a cup of Cheez-Its. Tab was $4 before tip.

Old posts on John & Zeke's

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  1. Love posts like this, fun. Can you recommend good deli/picnic fare in Healdsburg?

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      Pretty sure I first heard of this place from Melanie's posts, try Big John's Market. It's a full supermarket (not part of a chain AFAIK). They are located north of the main town square, near the Dry Creek exit off 101.

      Great selection of quality meat in the deli, extensive cheese selection, bread, hot and cold salad bars for prepared food, and pretty much anything else you might want for a picnic.

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        Thanks Pam. Been to Jimtown Store but not going that direction this time, staying west. Will check it out.

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          Great, love western Sonoma, please post a report,

      2. re: ejohn

        Here's a pretty recent thread with some more ideas,

        And one I forgot to mention then is Wild Sage, a stone's throw from Big John's market, if you want to hit two places.