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Brimmer & Heeltap?

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I couldn't resist a drive-by of this place tonight to pick up a menu sheet and check out the space. It's only been open for 9 days, but was 3/4 full.

I stopped because the location has been the holy of all holies, the Hagia Sophia of what has become Seattle's worship of food.

Very truncated menu (3 choices in each of "vegetable", "seafood" and "meat" categories), but inventive, Asian-gestured preparations. All entrees are offered in large or small plate sizes, running anywhere from $6 to $26. Most wines are offered by the glass, small carafe, and bottle.

The kitchen has been revealed, a (very well-stocked) bar installed in the main dining room, and the old Sanbar space has been opened, behind a partition stubwall, into the main room. Overall, a very classy, comfortable space.

I will try it soon, but has anyone been?


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  1. I am standing firm in my ongoing boycott of all restaurants with "&" in their names, unless those names are of actual current living owners.

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    1. re: acgold7

      Hi, acgold:

      LOL. The ampersand thing makes my butt chew gum, too.
      Whisenhut & Doak would've made some sense.

      I'm going to try it anyway. They really have made it a comfortable space. I'm just not sure the Asian spin on things like rabbit crepinette are going to sustain them...


    2. My husband and I had dinner here tonight. The standouts for us were the steak tartare, the smoked lamb shoulder with pickled vegetables and black bean sauce, and the triple ginger carrot cake.

      We lucked out and got the table in the back, near the door to the patio. This table is next to a wall that is covered with signed menus from dozens of restaurants, mostly Seattle ones (Cafe Juanita, Lark, Poppy, Local 360, Lloyd Martin, Cascadia, Nell's, Tilth, Two Bells Tavern) and some from other cities (Olympic Provisions and The Country Cat from Portland were the ones I recognized). We had a blast looking at the them throughout the meal.

      We'll definitely be back. We really liked the food and the ambiance of the space.

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      1. re: creepygirl

        I SO want to go, and I love the penny floor they put in!

        The food sounds great; can't wait to eat some of it myself:). Thanks for the report creepygirl.